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it makes me kinda sick the government spreads garbage like this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokeadubbie, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I'm on at least 12 hours a day..:rolleyes: for the summer at least. Can't wait for college
  2. I'm a firm believer that if you have to lie and make up 'facts' to get people to agree with your way of thinking.. Your opinion is wrong.
  3. "kinda sick"?? That would be an understatement, this video is fucking poison. You just wanna punch that fool in his face.

    Oh btw i totally would toke up soo fast in that room DECORATED WITH POT LEAVES ALL OVER THE WALL AND GREEN LIGHTS THAT SHIT IS SOO CHILL!!!
  5. 34 seconds in and I'm over it
  6. Haha nug thug your sig is awesome, i just had a convo with a hot ass chick and i brought up weed and she asked me, "Do you do weed?"
  7. I loved the part where they named slang terms.

    If anybody I knew called all weed "hydro" I'd slap him and tell him to shut up.
  8. Nobody else takes these videos seriously anymore.. So why are we?
  9. If it pisses you off now, wait til your read the fucking comment section.
  10. Because its 2:30 am and the majority of us are high :smoke:
  11. I said the same thing when I saw it..

    "If they don't smoke, why the fuck do they have that badass room?"
  12. "Sometimes users use other drugs such as crack cocaine or pcp to get different highs" i've never done that have any of u?

  13. Dude right?!? That to a stoner is like a mancave to a football fanatic.
  14. I've lost too many relatives and friends to overdose and addiction to even joke about that.

    The gateway drug theory is fucking retarded, I'm considering switching to things that aren't to be discussed here simply so I can pass a drug test to get a job.

    And I'm being totally serious when I say I'd never consider such a thing if weed was legal, isn't that funny? :rolleyes:
  15. Yah me to. I was Thinking of doing that to...i like how they compare the weed suckers to candy ciggarettes when the government regulates ciggarettes and ciggarettes kill people.
  16. The fucking owner of the video blocked me from the comments board because i was commenting the real ffacts! fucker
  17. Go to 40:45, he drew a dick on the screen and noone caught it in editing.

    Think the bald guy is a blade, giving advice on hiding grows. :)
  18. I think we should all send the maker of the this video a message with one real marijuana fact.
  19. "you see he's using orange light here. The light tricks the marijuana into entering it's mature form, by signaling the fall growth stage"

    Wow, I'm actually glad I watched this. Full of propaganda, but a rare useful fact.
  20. 2:05 that is some schwagg bobby brown right there!

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