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it makes me kinda sick the government spreads garbage like this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokeadubbie, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Around 11:00, really? That's the deception you are worried about? Really?
  2. I notice he is from naacp but im not a racist but he is not really helping his cause
  3. ya. i just whipped it up in the comments section. i didnt proof read it too hard. i fucked the words up
  4. I find it interesting that one of the most out spoken civil rights activists that they interviewed about the evil "Narcotic" Marijuana was an ex-crack head. He automaticly equates his abuse of crack with Marijuana, thinking somehow that they are synonymous. They mentioned he was awaiting trial for staging an illegal protest in that store owners shop, to me it sounds like he has replaced his crack addiction with his crusade against weed, the man is still a junkie, with a different outlet for his addictive behavior.
  5. Video made me laugh. Just a crock of shit honestly.. Made me wanna smoke and listen to Bob Marley haha
  6. Imma have to get high and drink a few beers and watch this shit later.

  7. wow get out of here the gov lies when they know were right the just say something stupid and wrong
  8. Wy do you have in italian flag but you live in cali? :smoking:
  9. Hahaha haven't you all figured out the big secret ? The only people with negative effects from marijuana are the ones who do not smoke marijuana.
  10. Italian heritage?
  11. Yah could be i guess.

  12. yep im italian why not
  13. Just was wondering, these threads typically get boring around this time of night :rolleyes:
  14. I only made it about 15 minutes in before I had to stop. Also, did anyone else notice that so many of those people commenting saying stuff like this was the best documentary ever made couldn't even type a proper sentence, so much for making you dumb.
  15. I hate how the media get's away with this shit, I just wanna curb stomp the director.

  16. That is a word-for-word quote from and episode of Family Guy. In fact, it's the episode where Peter and Lois start smoking weed for "inspiration" for a talent show.
  17. yah when i saw the commend i realized that to. And if you've done acid it's nowhere near the same as weed :smoke:
  18. Why would you trust the government? People you don't even know and your goona trust them . Fuck the government tbh that's my 2cents

  19. true true i wish there were more people on here you know to cover the daytime people lol:rolleyes::)

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