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  1. So idk if its cuz I feel things got rushed, but I was just doing what felt natural. I met this girl new years eve, not for the first time, but this is when we actually hit it off. Instantly we both knew we liked each other, and from there we hung out a lot, basically commited to each other in a sense.

    Everytime we were together we would just become closer and closer. Finally she started calling me "boo" and said things like I was her only bf now (inside joke between us saying we had other girls/guys on the side.)

    To me she was really hinting she wanted to be with me, and no lie I like her. So finally I asked her to be my girlfriend (this was last night.) I feel the spark between us is just gone. Like I already know her parents aren't to fond of me, and now all of a sudden she starts telling me this stuff. I don't know for sure but I am now starting to get to the idea her parents don't really want her seeing me. I mean I understand why and all. Shes still in highschool, and I graduated last year with I guess a "badass" reputation. With a class of only 230 people, and being the only one who drives around a 1000cc crotch rocket might draw some attention towards me. Her parents are very relgious and stuff like that.

    Like I said, I really like the girl and stuff, and when I like a girl I really have urges to see them. Like I don't feel we have to hangout every day, but shit If I havn't seen her all day, stopping over to say hey satisfies me.

    Last night before she left she said she wanted to do something today around 1pm. I text her around then and ask if thats still good, she said ya but probably a little bit after. Well all day its one thing after another, and just a little bit longer. Finally I ask if she wants to go out and get ice cream, and says well im about to get in the shower?

    I just say well Im taking that as you cant or don't want to do anything. She replies I guess...

    I really don't even know what I am asking here. I just really like this girl, and once we become "offical" things don't feel right. I guess just some point of views would help.
  2. Communication dawg.

    You need to call her up and ask whats goin' on and discuss it. If it's her parents, then you need to have a heart to heart with her pops.
  3. I know how you feel bro. Kinda. I had a chick once and we were practically dating and then one day she just completely cut off communication with me. So i was obviously hurt at first but i got over it. If she really wants to be with you I personally would assume she wouldnt be sending you all kinds of mixed signals and shit. Or give a few weeks and if shit doesnt start turning around. Nip it in the bud before you get hurt. There is other girls out there. O yeah and i was also the only one in my class with a motorcycle lol. 05 harley lowrider 1450. i dig it. payments SUCK THE BALLS THO. anyway dude thats my advice do with it what you please. I hope it helps you a little. Just never get to anxious or worked up over things, because its not worth it. life is all about expierences so go out and have some. peace brother.
  4. I know she likes me, a lot. I think there are just some problems with her parents. She even told me last night her mom was bitching about her coming over. I told her I'd come over her house but that is like defiantly not an option with her haha.
  5. You need to try and talk to her parents then. If they can see that you're not as bad as they think/have heard then it'll be smooth sailin'.

    If you're a dirtbag though probably no sale.
  6. Bro I was in the same situation last year. Girl is in high school and her parents are sorta religious. I asked her out and she said yea. Then things went to hell. I barely was able to see her cuz of parents. So then I just ended it with her and don't really talk to her anymore. I am not sayin you should do the same but parents can be real bitches sometimes.

  7. Truth.

    You need to go to her house, meet her parents and act like a GENTLEMAN. Explain to them you want the best for her, and that you are determined to let them see you're not a scumbag. Don't go over and try to tell show them you're a good guy, go over and PROVE to them you're a good guy.

    A solid handshake with good eye contact will start you off on the right foot.
  8. Damn, funny similarities. I met a bitch on New Years and we went on a few dates. She let me beat it up a few times and is playing the same "I'm busy" game. I told her to call me when she was free to hang out and havent heard from her since.
  9. Yeah, I'm not a slumbug/dirtbag/w.e by any means. I just happen to smoke weed and drive a crotch rocket around :p. I keep my weed smoking on the DL, don't really do it with anyone besides a few guys on campus at their house and with my bro when I'm home.

    For the most part I'm a pretty good guy. My whole life I've hung around older people. My best friend all through highschool was my cousin (if that counts) who is 6 years older then I am. I always hung out with him and his friends, so I guess you could say I'm mature.

    At family get togethers, I sit down with the older adults and have conversations with them rather then the kids. I don't have a problem talking to parents at all really. I am naturally an outgoing person.

    The only problem right now is that she doesn't admit to her parents not caring for me. For all I know, they may not, but its just the sense I get, and I'm one to always trust my gut feeling.

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