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  1. Today, i think i'll go to the "Members of the BTB" house, we think that we are going to start a grow room. Any thing that anyone has to offer for advice would be nice. The room is about 15' x19' it should make for a good grow room. We are thinking of putting Co2 enrichment for the plants, any thoughts on how to create a good air flow so my plants get the right amount all times? We already have the ventelation in place,so no need top worry about that,but we also have the floor which is one big hydro system, already installed, Anyone have any other thoughts so i can make my plants the the most potent?
  2. just dont tell that many people!!!
  3. Merlin,

    Nice sized grow area, now there are a few factors to keep in mind with such a big area, Lighting and heat are the 2 main factors too look at for starters.

    Lets first look at lighting, for lighting a grow space of 15 x 19 youl need at least 15 1000 watt lights, and thats at minimum lighting per sq ft, it would be safe to go with about 25 1000 watt lights in that area, now this brings us into the heat aspect of what all these 1k lights will emit, if your room is now properly intake vented and of course exhaust vented your room will sit somewheres around 105 degrees of temp, what youl need to do is on the exterior walls mount about 4-6 exhaust fans and also 3-4 good high CFM intake fans, now by good intake fans im talkin the ones that cost about 450.00$$. The project could get costly fast, but if youve got a good area and good people to help you out, Its worth every penny you put into it. If ya need help with design pictures and so on email me or pm me and I can try to help you out the best I can.

    Take care and happy building

  4. These fixtures put out much heat.....

    We have two 12x12 rooms,,each has 6 1000w HPS,4 1000w MH ,,each room is ducted and exhausted with 2 10inch squirrel blowers upper and lower....not to mention the electric bill...

    If you use compressed tanks for co2,,it will be costly as well as risky obtaining,,If you use CO2 generators ,they make heat too.

    When using CO2 you must have a sealed room,to hold in CO2,,and properly regulated venting to fight again the heat buildup of the fixtures

    But as budguy says....if you have the means and good people to help is all worth it..

    keep us posted...
  5. Something that big will almost certainly draw unwarranted attention! Safety First!!!!!!!
  6. Well, thanx for the replys, but in the matter of it being safe, It is inthe middle of the country, where the neighbors or about 2 miles away in any direction. so no problem there.

    Update: I bought 20 1000watt lights. I bought 4 exhauxt and 4 CFM fans. We made the room sealed. the co2 generator is in another room, the tubes are run threw the ceiling,thanx for the advice about the heat of the gen. The room just got repainted yesterday too. white of course. We just planted about 15 plants to start. I'll keep everyone posted,later~
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  7. lol..You painted yesterday,,,I painted this

    Keep us posted ...good luck ....have SECURE..

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  8. You still got electricity out in the boonies? Who reads the meter? what about a water meter, who reads it? meter reader have narced out many a grower who thought they were safe.

    Just cause you live in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean some stranger won't show up out of the blue and discover your ops. Jehovah witness, girl scouts selling cookies, sheriff deputy on a manhunt, tax assesor office, some dumb ass going to the wrong address, bug sprayer, meter readers, etc are just some of the strangers that have shown up on my doorsteps and I live out in the middle of nowhwere.
  9. Time the lights to be on when someone is home,and after the meterman normaly pulls in the drive,and leaves after reading meter,,,point all blowers away from normal earshot areas...These baby's are not quiet(cig pack in photo is for size reference).....especially running more than 1..

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  10. Fixed that for ya.

  11. I'd time the flower room area lights at least to run at night - like 6pm to 6am... for several reasons. This way the electric meter is spinning much less out of control during daytime hours, also so that during the heat of summer the lights are off during sunlight hours so that the room runs cooler - and this way also during the winter so that when it's coldest at night the lights are producing heat. This is what I do and always have - it just makes sense.

    Run vents through a line to highest point of roof and run it out through the roof like a toilet stink pipe to keep growroom smell away from ground level.


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