it is time to rock

Discussion in 'General' started by jasonjasonjason, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. the bells

    who will be at the giants stadium parking lot today?
  2. hmmm, weren't you banned? I mean it's possible you were, or it was a temp ban, or... your a ghost.....

    I'd go if I lived near there.
  3. I went in san bernadino... FUCKIN ROCKED MY BELLS!!!

  4. I dont get banned...

    Wow today was amazing....other than the fact that Nas didnt show up for some reason:mad::mad: I was smoking blunts all day, everyone was fucking awesome. Wu-Tang and Rage killed it though at the end it was so fuckin awesome.
  5. I went to it in NY.. fucking crazy

    Did cypress bring out a huge bong and pick someone from the audience to smoke?
  6. they brought out a big ass bong at the san bernadino one.. I'm not sure if they invited someone up to tolk it. but they sure did tolk it

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