It is time to end the War On Drugs My fellow Blades

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  1. This needs to Stop! The War On Drugs is a huge failure and yet our Government still continues to put people in jail for Marijuana usage. Below is a link to a recent thread on how we can stop this. This time we are trying something different. On June 17th, lets flood the White House with calls concerning the War On Drugs or anything of that matter. We are not the only ones doing this, there are several other websites planning the same event to hopefully show that the War On Drugs must come to an end.

    It's time we demand an end to the failed, 40 year, trillion dollar incarceration machine known as the War on Drugs! No emails this time: Let's swamp the White House with phone calls on Friday June 17th - the 40th Anniversary of Nixon's War on Drugs:

    All of the phone numbers and anything else you might want to know are included in the link.
  2. an other one? goddamnit.
  3. Sorry I Don't browse the city much anymore. Are people on here already aware of this?
  4. No youre the only one haha.
  5. Yeah... All that's going to do is piss them off even more.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - ‪The Whitest Kids U' Know - The Civil War on Drugs (Part 7)‬‏[/ame]

    skip to 1:30 , hilarious
  7. [​IMG]

    :smoke: I assume no one is actually going to do this? I'm really high, and the last thing I want to do is call some government building and spit random facts at them trying to "Stop the War on Drugs" all while being real high. :smoke:
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    lol my thoughts exactly
  9. who you tellin bro
  10. Im telling you bro, listen. Were gonna call these people, and were going to be persuasive. Were going to be so persuasive that there gonna have no choice but to end the war on drugs. Trust me i got it all planned out.

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