It is so beautifil today.

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  1. Just a new grower looking to receive some helpful tips, techniques, or anything else you people feel like sharing. I'm interested to know what other people are doing for their grows, so please talk it up. I'm at work with nothing to do, and I miss my babies. So I might as well do the next next thing until I'm off, right? Let's talk about growing.
  2. I wish I had time to play around on the computer at work.
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    you don't? that's too bad. try being a teenager and working a shit ass lot attendant job.
  4. Sorry. I will take 31 yrs old and my own business over a lot job any day. But whatever. Gotta work somewhere. My season got jacked.Started with 76now have 4. I know, so sad! Long story, but my 4 are doing really well. Just transplanted them from 5 gal to 10 gal smart pots on Friday night. 2 are about 6 ft. and the 2 I put out later are about 2-3 ft. tall. Good luck with your grow. Also the weather here finally change for the better. Only 81 today instead of the steady 90-95 plus we have had for weeks.
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    haha, so would I man, but you started where I am now (or maybe not o_O). I'll get mine, soon enough. I'm confident :)
    yea, that is sad. when you say jacked, do you mean stolen, or fucked up? either way, I am sorry for your loss man.
    how big are yours being in that 5 gal? I just put mine into 5 gallons, and they've taken off! I like seein them grow. what state are you posted in dawg?
  6. Me and a life long friend were going to do a massive outdoor crop. Over 200 plants. Long story short he got all bent out of shape cause I went in his yard to check on my plants. They were still in containers waiting to go to their plots. I couldn't get a hold of him for days, so I went to check on them. Got threatened and everything. I just walked away. If you do this long enough you will learn that they are just plants. Would rather have the friendship back, but fuck him I don't let people treat me like that. I did go back a few days later to steal them back, but of course they were gone. Mine got to about 5 ft. in the 5 gal. Should get huge in the 10 gal. In Wisconsin.
  7. Noob rule 1 is trust noone not even your wife
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    protip 1 is learn how to use correct spelling and grammar.
  9. protip 2 is, if you married someone you dont trust... you got bigger issues. much bigger issues.
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    wow man. as sad as it sounds, this isn't the first time I've heard a grow ruining a friendship. it's so fucking stupid if you think about it. like you said, they really are only plants, and nothing else. people get so attached to these things and forget what's really important. I'm sorry for your loss, but the other party seems to have lost his way. fuck him. let him drool over the temporary spoils. and your plants sound lovely my friend. mine aren't nearly that tall (are yours flowering?), so I've about a month left before I pop em outside to flower. I've a pineapple express seed I'm going to try next, so I'm excited for that. my first grow hasn't exactly went as planned /:
    oh. WISKANSIN? how is it this time of year? we don't get too much news from around there haha. I live in southern california. near Tijuana haha.
  11. Hey just to let you know I'm looking into tijuana from my bedroom window that's how close I am.I'm in my 6th week of flowering and my plant looks really healthy and all I'm feeding her is molasses until harvest.I have some yellowing but that's expected when it's in the final stages.Her name is Athena and she's a super rhino(silver haze x white rhino) mother that was given to me by a disp. also got a double dutch going by BC it's 2 weeks in flowering outside and smells so good I'm just doing this until it's ready to bloom not looking to get much but they were given to me.I might do a inside grow over the next few months .I have the opportunity to get like 4 mothers but I need to get a better light to get a optimun grow would really like to try outside but no sure,but my girls are enjoying this Socal weather,and good luck on your grow.:hello:
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    well that's all the info you need to be dishin out on this site man, haha. I've always heard thieves scower these forums. I'm not that far south, I'm just a tad more north and inland, but definitely San Diego nonetheless. so I feel ya on this gorgeous daygo weather ;D damn, is this your first grow? a friend of mine is growing a white rhino and it smells tastyyy! I could only imagine how yours smell. I'm growing 9, and they are about a foot and a half / 2 feet tall. very lanky, no so bushy. hopefully they'll produce some fat buds (they have fatfatfat leaves).
  13. got a crazy ass tropical looking plant from some bagseed this year :)

    pics kinda old, she's covered in calyxs/pistols now :)

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    that's kinda the way mine look!

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