It is proven that some diseases occur when negative emotions (energy in motion) are trapped

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  1. It is proven that some diseases occur when negative emotions (energy in motion) are trapped in specific locations of the physical body.

    When you can easily activate your energetic (spiritual) body you have the opportunity to simply lead these blockages of energy elsewhere and to simply come back to a state of balance.

    It's all energetic.

    Actions, reactions, thoughts and desires all cause specific areas in physical bodies to "activate" with energy.

    (undeniable example: grief)

    "activation" can be explained as energy (hot or cold) condensing/emitting in high amounts.

    States of high vitality occur when every single one of your limbs (Not just your stomach, or your hands. All of your body.) is flowing with your energy.

    A blessing in disguise to help you direct and enhance your energy are Goosebumps.


    Because Goosebumps also* activate from positive situations/stimuli (like memories, inspiration, music, love, gratitude, meditation) a blissful surge of flowing energy that can be observed as a hot or cold wave underneath your skin.

    This is the same energy that activates areas on physical bodies.

    When activated through goosebumps you get to understnd how to do so with a "healing/blissful/feel good" touch to it.

    That is your spiritual energy.

    It comes from your Spiritual (energetic) Body/ your Mind/Consciousness/Awareness.

    Different terms from all over the world for it are Euphoria, Tension, Ecstasy Prana, Chi, Qi, Vayus, Aura, Tummo, 0rgone, Kriyas, Mana, Od, Bio-electricity, Life force, Pitī, Frisson, The Secret Fire, Voluntary Piloerection, Rapture, Ruah, Ether, Nephesch, Chills, ASMR, Nen, Spiritual Energy, The Force, Spiritual Chills and many more to be discovered h0pefully with your help.

    Here's a short If y0u would like to know about what you can do by controlling this euphoric occurrence.

    And a reddit community r/Spiritualchills where you can share, find experiences and tips on it.
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  2. are you an electrician?
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