It is pronounced CHIP-OHT-LAY .. ffs

Discussion in 'General' started by DRoXiK, May 8, 2011.

  1. Not chip-ol-tee

    gd it..
  2. Lol wow I've never head someone pronounce it like that before.
  3. CHAI POTELeh?
  4. i always pronounced it as chip-ottle
  5. I agree with OP.
  6. I fucking hate when people call it chip-ol-te'
  7. you guys are all losers, man.

    the real way to say it is SKEE-LOUCH-KEE-BOSH-TE

  8. Lol, I would bust out laughing if someone said it a different way.

  9. Haha me too :hello: Is it Mayan in origin? Like Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican deity

  10. My mom has a yankee problem. Can't say "drawer" "coffee" "quesadilla" or "chipotle" :D

    Thankfully yankeetitis is not inheritable.
  11. I've never heard someone mispronounce Chipotle...but their steak burritos are fucking dank, goddamn man.
  12. more like bloody underwear
  13. i was in subway and this girl next to me was like chi poh tel

    i couldnt even comprehend her reasoning behind this
  14. Same here :wave:
  15. while we're on that topic

    it's espresso

    and not fucking expresso..

    damn newbs

  16. Okay, it's definitely this one. Although I like to say it "chi-pot-lee" to be funny.

    One of my Australian aunts doesn't know how to pronounce mexican food, lol. She says "tAcko" or "torTILLa" or "quesaDILLa". It's hilarious.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - Dang Quesadilla[/ame]
  18. Chip-ol-tay

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