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It is hard being a pot smoking Grandpa

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mike1957, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. First I have to sneak around like I used to back in the early 70's. You know back then I was told I would never amount to anything. Well I survived working for over 35 years, being married, (that was a tough one) and now I am a Grandpa. hmm.......I wonder if there are any pot smoking Grandma's? There has to be somewhere, I bet I could find one in Colorado.
    I am thinking alot about Colorado lately, I am not sure if I want to wait for my state to do the right thing. Well Gramps is going to turn up the dead music and get on the xbox (GTA5 in case you are wondering) Wow, maybe I can find a pot smoking Grandmother that plays xbox GTA5 that lives in Colorado?
    That my friend would be heaven.

  2. Good travels MIke...and good luck. She's out there. I'm the same age and there were a LOT of chicks that toked up when I was kickin.....surely they still must be interested..they just need privacy...and good weed and a friend...
  3. It seems that most older women turn to wine and not the smoke
    Thats what I find.................................  an old dude too
  4. Ok guys,not yet a grand ma but 44yr old mom with 2 teens I have lots of lady friends that smoke here in Texas some that even play xbox360 or Xbox one. Just takes awhile to hook into the right group where you might meet a cool friend. All the ladies that I know that smoke are married.
  5. Greetings Mike,
    I know of many fine women of the Cherokee persuasion located on the Rez in NC.  My wife hates it when I go see my people because native women have no qualms about making the first move, regardless of your current marital status.  Be warned, if you are slack in the sack, you could wind up in a pit with some angry squaw saying, It rubs the lotion on the skin and then I get your hose again!
    Asiyo = Hello
    pronounced as Ah-see-yo
    That's about all you will need to get started.
    Perhaps I'll see you at Harrah's Casino and we shall smokum peacepipe, humpum long time and make squaws go Boom-Boom. :bongin:
  6. Yup. 'nother old dude here. The more things change the more they remain the same (sneakin' out for a smoke). Can't wait for the legal liberals up here in 2015.
  7. I think that I've heard that marijuana is becoming quite popular among the older community. I'm sure you can find others. My best friend and I are always joking that if we ever end up in a old folks home together, we're going to be constantly busted by the orderlies for sneaking weed in.
  8. Colorado is fun and yes....I know of many suburban stoner grandmas!
  9. Had the same conversation with a friend awhile ago.
    That and we're building a scooter chair racetrack.
    Good luck finding your grandma, Mike.
    You run across any extra's give an Okie a shout.
    I seem to attract the chemically imbalanced.
  10. I'm in my 60's and have been smoking since I was 15. It is a very big problem keeping it hidden from most people.
    My bf always tells me I reek like weed. This is after I've brushed my teeth, put on  perfume and stinky hand lotion . I would imagine everyone at the bank and places like that must notice this if my bf notices how I smell, even after i try to cover up the smell.
    I imagine every time I go to the bank or places like that, people are talking about the old lady that smells like pot all the time. I have to be extremely careful around my daughter. She won't let me see my grand children if she thinks I've been smoking.
  11. Introduce me to them. Sounds fun!!

    I wish I had a wife like that....
  12. I wish I didn't smoke so much. I wish I hadn't learned about dabbing. I wish I wasn't so into wake and baking. Honestly, I don't fit in with all the other Suzy Homemaker grandmothers.
  13. But your bf is happy with you.
  14. No, actually, he quit years ago. He doesn't care much, but he would prefer that I quit. There's not much chance of that happening.
  15. Too bad you don't live in Cali. I would love to smoke with you.
  16. bugpoop liked my post. Why doesn't oregondaisy like it?
  17. I'm just throwing in a cent or two, but what about smoking lounges? I'd imagine you meet all kinds of people around dispensaries and smoking lounges.
  18. Costco food court.  Always pot smoking grandparents eyeing each other's new tv's and hot dog / pepsi deals. 
    Better grab another slice of pizza. 
  19. Took my in-laws & wife to the casino today; their idea, not mine.  Kept running into people I know. then my ex joined us.  2 of the performers in the lounge are in my clan and they are very easy on the eyes, greeted me with hugs.  Got the stink-eye from wife, ma-in-law, & ex.  Even though I didn't do anything, I'm fairly certain that I'm in trouble....again.  My old line, I'm a veteran, it's not my fault, does not work on them.  It would be good to have someone with me so I can use my other old line, I wasn't me, it was him.
    Of course, you would be him. :ey:<em> </em>    
    That is how it starts.  Women are nothing but trouble and they have been that way ever since their species arrived on this planet.  They come from the planet Neuter, in the Castrate System.  Located right up the firey and very chaotic middle of the Menstrual Galaxy.
    Their mission is to seek out free men having fun and making it stop.  They know that I know and that is why I'm always in trouble.
    Now, they know that you know.  Welcome to hell! :bolt:
  20. That does not deserve the like button, that deserves the love button!

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