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It is getting so boring!

Discussion in 'General' started by UpstateToking, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. MY daily life. I smoke weed everyday, I just feel as if I could be doing more w/ friends. I don't do much some days, at at the very end it makes me feel like shit. In the summer I went longboarding or skating to relieve myself. And I am stuck in this wintery hell of rochester. Fuck!
  2. So go out and do something? Don't blame it on the weed. The longer you stay like that the more antisocial you become. Trust me, I know.
  3. Go snowboarding in the streets. Some urban shredding. Or sled or some shit. Build a snow castle and yell at people walking by
  4. Volunteer at a food bank. Great reality check!
  5. Start killing babies, that'll make everything better.

  6. It is dark and 20 degrees. I desperately try to do stuff... it never works out. Fucking horrible.
  7. Go climb something.
  8. feel u dude, upstate NY right now, from LI

    at least winters commin soon

    goin out for a cig

  9. you mean spring man?

    And yeah, theres not shit to do when the weather is crappy
  10. lmao yeah i meant on 6 shots my bad...
  11. i hate to play the asshole of the group but... OP;

    do you have a job? if not, get a job.
    do you have a place to stay? if not, get a place to stay.

    entertainment aka lack of boredom should only come about when there is nothing productive to do. and by "nothing" i mean anything that can benefit you in the long run.
  12. Yes, I agree. I do have a place to stay, that does not mean I don't feel lonely or lacking some sort of life. I have friends, and yeah we chill. But it's been so long since one of those times that seemed like the best time ever. And productiveness is what is making shit worse... I feel so nonproductive that it's hard to sit here :ey:

    Edit: Wrong emoticon ^^
  13. try working out man? im in the same boat as you. i moved to a new town and i work a lot and have school 5 days a week. try doing something fun!, for example, when im free i usually go to the bars (i have a fake id lol).
  14. right emoticon

    ye if ur bored work out
  15. grab a bus or rail ticket in the wee hours and hit NYC. walk around, take some pictures of some weird stuff, grab a metrocard take the subway. go to some projects get scared, hit a good restaurant, see a movie after that, grab a kebab and take the bus/rail back home.

    prolly meet people if you light up a joint in a residential part of the city.

    stay positive brah, i felt the same way with my friends, we werent doing anything 'fun' anymore. so everytime i have free time, i think of random ass shit, invite em all and who ever comes cool if not many idgaf live life once brah.

    theres a indoor paintball field in queens. go with friends get a big discount or go solo and meet some cool ppl on ya team, ask if they smoke. battabing!!

    if u aint down for nyc, then sorry i mentioned it.
  16. enyce is the shit man

  17. Yeah, sounds nice. Ive never been to the city though... Even tho I live close
  18. stop sm0king for awhile. that 0 as really an accident but oh well. ya lije i said, just stop smoking make friends that dont smoke. hNG Out with them, get something different. i'm serious. worked for me. now i dont want to leave the state i hate. haha i wonder if that made sense to anyone biy me im honestly just typing o muself at this point o_O
  19. Let me guess u dont have a girl?

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