It Is Funny. Some People Want A Large Central Goverment....but They Dont Want The Feds To Become Involved When It Comes To Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Politics' started by letsmokeasweet, May 23, 2013.

  1. soooo i was thinking the other day how some people are complaining that the federal goverment is raiding dispensaries in cali
    some of these people openly call for a large central goverment, taking a large role in a persons life...telling them they cant drink soda, they have to wear a seatbelt(i wear mine btw) kids safy gear when riding a bike, u have to go to school, need to go so many days to advance a grade, all these little things, kids are a community responsibility, blablabla
     theywant the goverment telling people what to do
    but they want to smoke weed and they dont want the goverment to bother its citizens when it comes to weed
    meanwhile, the repubs on the other side are using the "safety" card for their argument saying that its in the publics best interest because they dont want a person smoking weed and driving and killing people lol
    i thought the repubs beleave in a small, limited goverment
    dosnt it get confusing? maan i dont know....i think polititions are getting worse and worse and how can you even trust anyone more?

  2. Welcome to the human race. The problem is that everyone has an opinion but noone wants to do whats right. They only want what fits their beliefs and ideologys.
  3. Republicans want just as big of a government as the Dems. They just tell different lies.
    Yup, that's it.
    They want slightly different things here and there, but overall they love big gov't as much as any liberal. The aftermath of the 1994 elections proved that to me.
    As someone said, several presidential elections ago: "Whether you favor welfare or warfare, it doesn't matter who you vote for -- you'll get plenty of both."
  5. The only time Dems hate war is when a Rep is sitting in the oval office. War lord Obomba is case in point. The are smart with covering it with the welfare state. You can't beat Santa Clause. Free shit always wins, even when it is stolen from other people who earned it.
    The Dems and GOP want to keep weed illegal because of corruption and bribes(lobbying).
  7. Is 'funny' the right word? :p
    yea iim sure for some, that lobbying money is paying for a few nice lifestyles for some people lol
    if weed was legal, these people wouldnt have something to talk about and make money off of

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