It has been roughly 36 hours

Discussion in 'General' started by CoinOpBoy, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Since I have smoked a cigarette.

    My chest feels like the first time I smoked pot.

    I was holding my baby girl in the neo natal intensive care unit today, It was the only thing in the world that could cure my anxiety and make me breath easy. Until she had some reflux and it started blocking her airways and her heart rate dropped a bit, no worries everything is cool but christ it scared the crap out of me. Nurse sat her up and wiped her mouth off and everything was cool.

    But I had to go, cuz I was wiggin out like I needed to run a mile or something.

    Now I'm chillin in my room at the Ronald McDonald House, no smoking allowed here, and of course I have the city to keep me company. I definitely don't crave a cigarette or anything but jeeze, I really don't feel too hot.

    Still going strong though, wish me luck.
  2. with ya man. .

    this is like attempt # whofuckinknows

    and im on day nine.

    the cravings come less but they are still as strong. .

    hit me up anytime if you need support or just want to bitch out somebody cuz you need a cigarette
  3. dude, yesterday, my first day without one, I was at the mcdonalds at walmart at like 11:58 pm.

    I wanted a fucking double cheeseburger.

    You know what he says to me?

    We're outta meat yo.

    Now, I'm not racist or anything, but fucking christ if I didn't call him a lazy ****** because I know fucking damn well they got meat in their fucking freezer but they decided it would be okay to stop making burgers 20 minutes before their fucking shift ends.

    Apologies to those of ethnic decent, but due to the situation I couldn't hold it back.
  4. yeah your gonna be so irritable. . .

    i felt like i could rip someones head off at the drop of a dime
  5. You should have jumped the counter and started slamming his head with a freezer door.

    "Yo homeboy, find any meat back there?

    Then you should have dunked his face into the deep fryer for a good fatality finisher.
  6. wishing you luck man
    (((good vibes))) for your baby girl

  7. finish him!
  8. All I worry about is when I have to go to my home home from the Ronald McDonald house where my mom smokes a pack a day :\
  9. Ahhh, percocets take away my anxiety very well :D

    My girlfriend had her c section and they gave her 10mg percs but she refuses to take them because she is breast feeding.

    So she willingly lets me take them to get past my horrible withdraw anxiety.
  10. yeah ironically i was taking opiates the first week too

    to chill out a bit
  11. ...yup, from one addiction to the next...

    just playing.

  12. if you can kick nicotine. . opiates are a walk in the park
  13. keep it up man

    quitting is a bitch
  14. i don't know if this is true but i read about nicotine being as addictive as heroin and cocaine?
  15. Nicotine is more addictive most definintely
    I tried all those drugs, alot of times.

    The only thing I've ever been addicted to is nicotine.
  16. Good luck with quitting the smokes.

    Just smoke more pot =P
  17. Same with me.
  18. But I'm happy to say my fourth day is coming to an end.


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