It had to be laced!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This still bothers me to this day........Me and 2 of my friends got a joint off my best friends dad. We smoke it and nothing happened. So we decide to go back to my apartment (mind you, it was last summer). Well, about 30 minutes had passed since we smoked it and we were sitting on my couches when I looked up and its snowing in my apartment. I didn't really start freaking out until I was talking to my friend and all her skin melted away and she turned into a gigantic skeleton. They were having similiar experiences as well. We tried eating and nothing would help us to come down just a little. We asked her dad if he put anything in the joint and he never said anything. The joint didnt taste or smell any different than any other joint we smoked. It was just a wierd buzz. And no, we hadn't done any other drugs. It was a trippy experience.........I think I would have enjoyed it more had I been prepared!!!!!! Do you think it could have been laced with something and if so............what? I just can't figure it out.
  2. hmmm the only time i have felt like that is the time i droped some acid with my friend mike. mabey it was laced with some LSD?
  3. yeah as BudManToke say's it does sound as if it was acid, i used to get that, the peoples faces melting, the worst one was when i looked at my ice cube poster and he grew horns and started coming out the poster towards that was some scary shit, that and the cold fever and was a bad experience, allthough i have heard that some grass can make you trip....unfortunately i aint found it yet......Peace out.....Sid
  4. Sounds to me like LSD. I have also expierienced the melting of the skin.....
    When I was in grade 8 I was sold a joint laced with PCP.( tho I had no idea)..
    That was the scariest expierience of my life!!!!
  5. sounds like it could have been PCP. Its a hallucinogen and considering you cant lace weed with lsd there arent many other things it could have been.
  6. Why can't a joint be laced with lsd? someone told me that when they were in Amsterdam they were selling lsd in little brown bottles, kinda like poppers but only smaller, instead of the usual tab's.....i may be wrong, this person may have been talking bullshit.....Peace out.....Sid
  7. you can't smoke acid. the flame destroys it. so no it was not laced with lsd.
  8. I agree that LSD can't be smoked........ although it did sound like a acid trip......
    PCP was a little more intense in other ways than that.....

  9. Why can't you lace a j with LSD, NuBB's? It would be very easy to get a dropper and drop it on the weed. I usually see it in it's liquid form in a vial.

    It completely sounds like LSD to me. I've done the whole PCP thing and it doesn't give you that kind of trip.

    LSD shows you mercy. PCP shoes no mercy. You get what it gives whether you want it or not. You look back at LSD trips all like, "That kicked ass!", but you look back on PCP rides all like, "Man, that totally freaked me out. That was scary!"
  10. I rember one time my brother got a quarter oz that was laced with PCP (without him knowing) and my brothers no lightweight.. so he fuckin smoked it all in one setting, he was trippin so bad we had to take him to the E.R.
  11. Well a few things.

    No it couldnt have been laced with lsd...rmjl..lsd is destroyed at temperatures half that of a flame. LSD cannot be used to lace marijuana..sure some crazy-craze can drop acid from a blotter onto their weed..but unless they plan on throwing that nug in their mouth then they wont trip off it. LSD is partially topical, but only enough so that its efficient to use orally and im not 100% sure but I dont believe that it would work very efficiently even if it were able to be smoked.

    PCP is quite different from LSD, but the melting visual sensation is commonly produced by mostly all hallucinogens. the fact that it couldn't have been acid and the fact that it took almost 30 minutes to "kick in" sounds very psilocybish to me....but even though it IS possible to smoke mushrooms, you'd have to smoke a completely outrageous amount considering the more important out of the active chemicals in psilocybin are broken down by heat as well, even if it does require much more extreme heat to break down. So unless the bag of weed obviousely had a bunch of mushrooms in it also I doubt it was those.

    So that brings me back to my original guess, PCP. Its one of the very few hallucinogens which it could have been that I havent yet cancelled out. The snowing and melting sound like any hallucinogens doing, but the giant skeleten sounds like something PCP would do to a person's mind.

    It could possibly have been dextromethorphan, but Its EXTREMELY rare for dxm to be smoked, although its melting point is listed to be around 120 degrees farenheit, and I suppose its possible to smoke dxm in small quantities and still feel its effects. It would help if you could try and figure out the duration of this trip you experienced, it may be able to cancel some oher drugs out.

    But for now..I say it was probably PCP...its easy to get a hold of in smokable form, it produces those type of random effects, and I can't think of many other common substances that it could have been.
  12. sorry for your bad trip. been there, and it's hard to trust again.

    it does sound like PCP too me. maybe the guy had pills in that bag and it rubbed off on the weed. i hate to think that people are stupid enough to lace and not warn the consumer. i teach drug awareness in health, and that's what i stress to the kids - be careful what you buy. try not to buy from "strangers" aka a dealer your friends friends friend knows.

    smoke safe!!! i hope the next joint is much more pleasant. :)
  13. Ok, damn NuBB's!!!! I understand what you mean about the whole burning effect and all. See, I'm open to being wrong. I knew that it was possible to attempt it but since it doesn't work that way then I was WRONG. I'm ok with that. A few therapy sessions with the City Psychiatrist and I will be fine.

    I guess my main point was that PCP just didn't do me like that so I had reason to think that wasn't it. Maybe it just affects people really differently. If that was it, then I wish my experiences would have been that calm.
  14. at first i'd say PCP, but then i started thinking... you know when you're smoking it. it smells like nail-polish remover and tastes like it smells. and also... when you smoke PCP you feel it almost instantly... like 1 or 2 hits (at least that's how quick it works on my friends and i). i think i remember the person saying it took like 30 mins to kick in? i dunno man. you might have just gotten some REALLY strong bud... either that or someone dipped your J in LSD and it went through your pores before you burned it away... i dunno... i'm as dumbfounded as you, lol
  15. its ok least you're willing to admit your retardation....'re right, pcp shouldn't take 30 minutes to kick in. it could possibly have been a small enough emount that it had already kicked in, but the bud produced enough stonyness to drown it out for a while until the pcp hit the plateau....or maybe im justs toed and this post will not contribute to this thread at all....ehhh fuck it

  16. sounds like a good explaination to me

  17. That good explanation included NuBB's calling me a retard!!! Grrrrrrr......

    I don't know. I still don't think it was PCP!
  18. maybe it was a miracle from god?
  19. present from santa?

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