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  1. does that phrase mean shit nowadays?

    because from what i can see. i bust my ass of day in and day out to help my parents pay the bills. work on 8.50 an hour. had to get every job ive had myself never got any help from anyone. never complain. do as much school work as i possibly can. practice my guitar for hours on end for hope of one day getting better. and i most certainly dont see it getting any easier with my parents being broke and shit.

    then i hear from a freind i use to know that dropped out of school twice.
    she met a freind through me and started babysitting for weed nearly everyday. day in and day out she gets baked drunk tripped. her mom was a dealer. she moved into another dealers house to be able to smoke more weed for free. she pays no rent nothing. and just recently she was handed a job that she is most certainly not qualified for in which she has the ability to smoke weed all day long and listen to music while making 12 bucks an hour.
    she is in a school program where she now gets better grades then me for doing less then me with easier assignments.

    theres more examples. but those are some of the main ones. my question is.

    why do people like me have to bust there asses off for nothing. while people who do nothing can laze there way to everything they want. it just doesnt seem fair to me
  2. Hard work pays off in the end. Always.

    you'll get ur break bro....and that dumb highschool dropout bitch who mooches off dealers will end up homeless one day
  3. i dated her way back in the day, i dont want her to be homeless or anything. i just wish she would have worked a little in her life.

    but id still rather drag my ass day in and day out for a bullshit paycheck then get handed my future and life.
  4. I have to disagree with the guy who said it will pay off in the end..... first of, money is not always the key to happiness. Second, WHO the hell put you under the illusion that the world was fair? FAIR? Bwahahaha! good one.
  5. Just the way it works out a lot of the time man. Some of us end up busting our asses just to barely get by while others who don't deserve it end up getting all the breaks. Not all the time, but it happens. And to all the people that say "You feel better about yourself after working hard and blah blah"....hehe, yeah right. I come home every night tired and stressed out, sometimes pissed off. Goddamn I wish I could hit the lottery or something, I fucking hate working for a living. Damn I'm bitter.
  6. i completely agree. what kind of world is it where people who do jackshit get all the breaks?

    if i ever win the lotterly. im gonna find the hardest worker i can find. does everything but barely manages to live. atleast a million dollars. atleast
  7. Right there with you. I always figured if I won a significant amount in the lottery I would give all of my buddies I work with enough to retire on since I know they are hard workers and get fucked on a daily basis.
  8. I wish the world were a better place too man, take it easy.
  9. Being envious or jealous is not going to solve anyone's problems man. Take a look at your life, and instead of sitting and thinking about how much everything sucks, sit and think about how great everything is. Why be a pessimist? Think about how much you love your guitar, and that funny thing that happened at work, and your parents who surely love you, etc.

    Happiness is a state of mind that some people just choose to ignore (for whatever reason). All you need to do to be happy is appreciate what you have and look at everyone else's achievements as something to be proud about. If they truly don't deserve what they have, it will be taken away from them. Stop fretting and be happy man!
  10. sounds like a bunch of bullshit you've been handed, people that fuck up dont deserve better than people that acutally try.

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