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It finally happenend...the roor broke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by omahastylie, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I'd like to start by introducing myself, whats up my fellow seasoned tokers. I'm rather young, been smoking for nearly a decade, studying physics is my job atm..., and overall I'm just outgoing and laid back.

    Secondly I reasoned I should put this thread here because the last thing I want is some bad advice, and I know my veterans here know their stuff.

    Down to business, my roor has broken at the joint and I'm not sure what to do. I'm in Greensboro, NC and I don't know of any local blowers who can fix it. Hell I'm not even sure it can be fixed. Check the pics and let me know what you think guys, thanks for the help.


    See the crack running further up to the NW? One more picture at other side angle.


  2. Did you drop it or did it just break from normal usage?
  3. that sucks rhino balls
  4. Ouch.

    I cringed when I read the title.
  5. it might be fixable, but it would cost a lot of money
  6. Ouch, I feel for you.

    I know a few people in NC, I'll ask them if they can point me around.
  7. I had a Lux Scientific with a Roor ashcatcher, I was swinging a door open and it knocked it right off my computer desk...and I don't think I can afford another one...ever...
  8. Not really either actually. I was laying on the couch with my girl and when I got up I knocked one of the little corner pillows on the couch off and it just tipped the bong over. I'm guessing it landed perfectly on the slider based on how it broke off like it did. Not that it matters, my roor is still KIA and I'm freaking out!

    Thanks man I appreciate it. Just let me know what you can find out.

    Overall it looks pretty bad and being in NC isn't helping my cause but I'm not going to give up on my roor yet.
  9. damn sucks .. I broke my bong the other day also :(
  10. im not completely sure if that break can be fixed or not, but if you really want to fix it you can always get it turned into an inline. would cost a lot though.
  11. my guess is it can be fixed, as can most glass as long as its still in tact for the most part, it will just cost more than usual because that looks like a mean crack :(
  12. the beaker on my roor broke awhile back .... :(
  13. RooRs suck paper thin glass at stem.
  14. Real question seems to be is it worth the cost its going to take to fix it. Any opinions? I still have a good 14.4 female diffuser and male slider fwiw.
  15. Don't feel too bad, I broke my fucking downstem today.. As I was bringing it to the bathroom to smoke. Little crazy glue did the job until I can replace it. The other day I broke my bowl... crazy glued the bottom so no smoke hit it... then stepped on my bowl 2 days later... broke it too bad to fix lol. I have more accidents sober than high for real.
  16. preston of stone glass works does wonders with broken tubes.

    he can turn it into a sick inline tube for a good price. you should contact him.

  17. Thanks for the tip, I've gotten two references going to contact them both and just see what they have to say.

    What's the best way to handle this? Just shoot off an email with a description and some pictures and let the blowers take a look at things?
  18. yeah, that would be the way to go.

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