It Finally Grows!!!! Few Q's

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SirSmokesAton, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Okay get this, I go to lowes and buy NK's seed starting soil. I tried 8 fucking times to grow only 1 time it grew then shortly after died.. I changed everything else except the soil thinking the Spag Peat, Perlite and w/e else it has would do the trick. I was clueless so came on here to find out the problem.. I took pics and didn't leave 1 detail out. I swear to god every question i asked nobody gave me a straight fucking answer. Long story short everything everybody told me was wrong... like does anybody have any clue on what there telling people? So I dread comming here once again for help but no choice so here it is

    I changed the soil to Sta-Green - and instead of using boiled water, I went to CVS and bought a gal of Spring Water.

    IT GROWS! :hello: Im about 3 days in and its nice, tall and green. First shot too! Now, I NEED STRAIGHTT ANSWERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since the soil im using has ferts in it up to 9 months (please do some quick research about the soil before u answer me. The exact soil i use is the link above.) Do I need to still give it nutes around the 2 week mark? If so please link me to a good lowes fert.

    Secondly the way I had to plant it caused the root of the plant (the white part) to be showing. Only a little more then a little.. should I cover this with soil? I figured this was ok cuz the root has direct light. The plants 2inch away from bulb

    Whats the longest i can dry spell my plant without it dieing?

    Im growing LST style so should I tie it down when the 2 marijuana leaves show?

    Lastly when it comes time to trimming what can I cut without it dieing
  2. Ok the more you come here the more youll learn about growing weed and the marijuana plant itself. :wave:I dont know why you decided to use potting soil from lowes. :confused:IF you dont have a hydroponics store in your area I recommend getting soil for marijuana online. I DONT think you should give it nutes in 2 weeks if it has enough ferts to last 9 months, but I have NEVER used potting soil.

    So your second question is about root exposure to light. I dont think it matters at all if the root is getting exposed to light but thats just from my experience. You should really try to cover it up anyway tho.

    Watch your plants everyday to make sure you dont burn them with your light and raise your light as they grow. A plant can go for a pretty long time without water before it keels over and dies (about a week or two), if you are caring for a young plant you should be worried about OVERwatering.

    If youre doing LST wait until your plant has much potential for new growth before tieing it down. AND dont cut anything GREEN until you know what youre doing foo
  3. First, and don't take this like I am being a smart ass or anything, but maybe you misunderstood the directions you were given. You clearly got a lot more reading to do when you say things about roots needing light. Again, I say this with respect and in hopes that you realise that yes occasionally someone will give bad advice but people here really know what the hell they are doing. Go look at some of the grow journals for proof.

    Now to provide some additional advice. Don't go insane with lighting or water to start out. Don't make the soil turn into squishy mud from over water and don't use a 1000w HPS for a sprout. Give us some more details about how you are setup. Maybe your setup is bad and you are blaming us for your mistakes. My first grow was a massive fail. I thought I knew what to do...had the lights, water, pots and this crazy hillbilly setup that gave me a six foot mess and a few clones that gave me a bag of fluffy buds the size of golf balls to marbles. It wasn't the advice I was my execution of that advice that sucked. I wish you luck man!

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