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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Trouble, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. I dont know what god has to say about ganja but the church i use to belong to didnt like it when a bunch of thier kids came in stoned off thier asses They were arround 17 18 years old and they smoked up with me Then ratted me out and I got thrown out the church The pastor seen me a week later called me a looser and got a black eye for his dumbass coment He may be Holier but I was strongger that day
  2. haha! punching clergy... heeheehee. being a pasaphyst i don't agree with violence of any sort, but i gotta admit the thought does bring me a smile and a chuckle.

    it woulda been better if you asked to see his bible had a look at the first page of genisis and then said "oh, i thought you must have had a different bible to mine" and point out to him the passage that says "and god decreed that he had given man all the plants on the world to use" (or something to that effect)

    that's why once again christianity proves itself to be one of the most hypacritical religions on the planet. and to think that republicans claim to be christians.
  3. has to be evil, at least its funny.....

  4. um... no offence or anything... but the religion itself isn't hypocritical. people make it that way.

  5. ha thats bad ass! i think its sexy when guys stick up for them selves, to anyone, even a preist! sexy sexy sexy! hehe:X:)
  6. Violence is not the answer............

    Ah who am I kidding... Good job :)

    Calling you a loser for using something "God" intended for us to have is like calling someone a loser for driving the speed limit... It's perfectly acceptable, but some people find it to be the attributes of someone "stupid", for whatever reason...
  7. fuck that priest i woulda done the same thing it wuz prolly a sin but who carez doesnt the bible say thou shalt not judge or something? JESUS CHRIST.. lol
  8. damn, it take balls to hit a clergyman....i dont know whether you are a fool or a brave man....but bravo. the church is against drugs because of the passage "thy body is a temple to god" and under that perverse logic the church belives that if you do drugs you are disgracing the temple of god. i dont buy into exactly, but thats the way the church feels

  9. Well in that case, God is a hypocritical f**k! :)

    In one instance "he" claims that all the plants of the earth are for us to use, and in another, "he" allures to the idea that we shouldn't dare use drugs.
    I dunno about anyone else, but "thy body is a temple to god" should also assume that we shouldn't drive cars or eat fatty foods either, becuase the pollutants are destroying the entire earth, and hurting those with respiratory problems, and the fast food industry is making gajillions off those with compulsive eating habits...
    Christians who believe the garbage about our bodies being temples, but still drive fossil-fueled cars, eat at McDonalds, and accept others who do so, are also hypocrites.

    So I'm gonna do drugs whenever I feel like it! :D
    Aw hell, I'll even do it when I DON'T feel like it...For one reason: Spite.

    Cheers! :D

    A happy atheist,

  10. judge not less ye be judged
    and if they think smokin weed is dessicration of gods temple they should see my tattoos I would probally be stoned not the good way though
  11. man i dunno

    stoners can be pretty tactless ;)

    i'd rather hit someone than try to explain to them why their relligion is b.s... too much work :)
  12. good call :)

    make it appear that you really don't give a fuck what the perosn thinks :D

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