It doesn't matter what you believe in you're always going to piss someone off

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  1. Older guy here, raised in a non religious family, later became religious and then decided that I don't believe in the world view of religion. Do I believe there is a grand designer of the universe? Sure I do, the universe is an amazing feat. An atom never dies, it just changes form, and that's eventually what happens to everything.

    But the point I am making is if you hold a religious belief you're going to get questions, and ridicule, from those that don't believe in your view. If you don't believe in any religious ideologies then you're open to attack from those that do.

    And this is why there is disagreement in the world, because people think others should follow their line of view. When someone believes their idea is so correct that others deserve to die you have terrorists.

    If I had one wish it would be for humans to spend more time caring about other humans.
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  2. I feel there are so many commonalities we can all relate to, yet (even with myself) we choose to bicker over the differences. How many agree you should not hurt one another emotionally or physically? 99% of people. How many agree we actually haven't got a clue or a manual on how to live? Actually though, not a book written eons ago...but prior to being born having a talk with the big man upstairs about your purpose here, or what it's all about.

    Reunion, not separation! It's hard to love and give when you haven't felt appreciated and loved yourself.

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  3. Peace/Love/Hippie


  4. And this is sort of the point I am getting at. If you don't believe there's a big man upstairs the purpose of having that conversation is useless. There's always going to be those who believe otherwise who will argue their case and vice versa.

    I meet a Christian friend once a month, and he will ask "How's faith?". I explain that I don't have faith in a God as he does but rather than respect that view he will keep returning to it trying to get me to believe in his God. And the same happens the other way where by the non religious can be over vocal about their opinions on religion.

    Regardless of your view someone will always disagree.
  5. If you subscribe to any label or system you open yourself up for misinterpretation.
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  6. All that bullshit CAN be transcended, but it is very difficult. I've seen it done though.

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