It died

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  1. Hey guys I need some suggestions for my next grow. I have no idea what to get. I just like the plant to get me really high pretty much. So all opinions are well welcome
  2. Hey Eddie, nice to hear from ya. Sorry your plant died man, that always sucks. We had some Blue Mystic grown in soil going around here and it was pretty bomb, Im waiting to get a hold of a clone for my DWC. Would also like to try out Jack Herer. Good luck on your next grow!
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    Hey quick question? Is a plant useless if it dies? Surely you could just dry it? even if it never got full size?
  4. 1) Jack is fabulous. I am also a huge fan of Cindy '99. 2) you could dry it chop it up small and make butter. Crock pot method, with lots and lots of stems and fan leaves to not as butter.

  5. Yes it is useless because its cracked open and grew about half inch then died. I could smoke it but it would prolly not taste good. Peace

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