It came early!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DietBong, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Well I ordered my xbox because it was so cheap on monday, and it shiped tuesday. I used the free snail mail stuff that takes like weeks to arrive because I am cheap. Well, not suspecting anything, I went outside to smoke some cheeba because I made a promise to smoke everytime it rains. when i came back, the package was there. it said 'priority mail' but my name was on it so i thought maybe i was getting a gift or something. i opened it up, and BAM, my xbox! its crazy, they gave me priority for free and i got it in 2 days. i've just been sitting down playing nhl all day and ofcourse smoking a lot of green.
  2. LOL cool dude, whered you order from? i want to get myself 1 for xmas. :) those things are fun.
  3. got it from great prices on used stuff althought i have to return one game because it doesn't work :(. other then that its all good
  4. Cool :)

    I've never actually played an xbox, never seemed to like the idea of it, psx2 all the way.
  5. Ya, PS2 is great, and you can play all your old Playstation games too...its sweet cuz I got quite the rpg collection goin.

  6. My neighbor works for gamestop, i get games for free :smoke:
  7. Dude, get Halo. It's the best stoner game ever. Smoke a nice fatty, slip on some headphones and just play.

    And thank me in the morning.
  8. It's most definitely not the best stoner game out there (halo).. ever play frequency? the game with spinning lights and heavy bass hits, almost a trip by itself. Even then, it's all preferences...

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