It annoys me when

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  1. It annoys me when I'll be sitting at my house with a friend and he keeps complaining about being bored and saying that "we need to do something" when I'm just chilling enjoying myself and relaxing.
    Some friends will do this while I'm high as well and it's kind of a buzzkill.
    Does anyone else get annoyed by this as well?
  2. No you should stop being so boring.
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    I am normally up and out all day but when I'm chilling they decide to do this.
  4. Sitting around is boring. I have a friend who does this. He plays video games all day and expects me to watch him play games pretty much the whole time.

    Don't be a shitty friend. If you have some people over then try to entertain them.

  5. This. Start juggling shit. If you can't find something to juggle you should have weed just start juggling some nugs then smoke them.
  6. I have a cousin that used to do this. Annoyed the fuck outta me, especially because there really is nothing to do in our little town. Just made that fact ten times more annoying.
  7. woa guys chill. People do not need to be doing shit 24/7, sometimes chilling is necessary, especially if you have some good bud.

    People need to slow the fuck down and realize life isnt a race to do one thing after the other, sure of course its good to do that and keep active, but that doesn't mean you have to be a marathon man all the time.

    I know so many people who judge others based on what they choose to do in their spare time.

    Everyones different, I love just chilling and smoking sometimes, that doesn't mean im fucking "boring"

    you guys should meditate more often.
  8. Who needs to calm down?

    lol :eek:
  9. i smoked with this guy at his house for the first time and litterally just sat in complete silence while he played world of warcraft for 2 hours. after my high went away i thought "wtf am i doing" and left to go fuck this girl. i dont mind smoking and chilling as long as theres shit to do or a bunch of people to talk to.
  10. every time someone say that to me, i light their shirt on fire and shout "HOW DO YOU LIKE THE EXCITEMENT NOW BIATCH

    i used one of my friends that was on fire to light a J one time :smoke:

  11. This.

    Back when I first met my floor mates in uni all we would do is smoke a bunch of weed and sit in the commons room and talk. There was also multiple times when we would sit in the dark with our sunglasses and talk...seems sketchy but it was fun. It was a good way of getting to know each other
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    These are my exact thoughts,and this is why I posted this thread.
    If I have friends over and we get high we tend to have long ass conversations similar to the circle scenes on that 70's show.If I'm feeling it I'll normally go skateboarding or something every day.Or go drive around with friends.Anything to get shit off my mind or just to have fun.I just hate it when people ALWAYS have to be doing something super exciting,when there's absolutely nothing to do because I live in a town of 5000 people.This week is fair week (I live in rural Ohio where we still have fairs and shit) and my friends would rather go to that fair which is the exact same thing every year instead of toking and skating.And then the friends that are similar to me are at warped tour right now.I didn't have the cash to go to warped tour or I would have went.
  13. I like to chill but not like fuckin just sit there and do nothing for hours thats hella gay.
  14. i agree with the nug juggling strategy, thats always a party trick that is sure to wow the ladies, at least when i did it
  15. Yesssss, I HATE that.
  16. Action is distraction.

    Only when detached from your actions can you reflect upon them.

  17. Then you drop the nugs and fuck everything up.

  18. Lol I can see it now.

    Brian drops a nug.
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    Win. :D

  20. Hahahahahahaha :D:D:D

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