It all started one spring day, sitting in my 70 Nova SS...

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  1. There I sat, listening to AC/DC and smoking a fatty with my best friend. His parents hated him smoking, but we figured we were safe since they would both be at work for the next 2 hours...
    We had the car completely hotboxed, Angus Young was ripping the guitar up and we were high as hell. I couldn't hardly see my friend through all the smoke, but I did catch a glimpse of his Dad's car in a small break in the cloud!!
    And the rest went like this.. Dude, It's your Dad!, I yelled. "Yea, right. Real funny. Take this" he said, trying to pass me the joint we were smoking. He knew I was not joking when I didn't take the joint but instead reached over to turn down Angus in mid Highway to Hell. Oh shit, he yelled, realizing that his Dad had already pulled in the driveway and was only 20 feet from my car. Eyes beet red, his red curly hair all booffed out from head banging, car full of weed smoke, a fat joint glowing in his hand and his Dad was now 10 feet from us!
    Are you guys with me so far? Can you see the scene in your mind? Ok, let's continue...
    He grabs for my sunglasses off the dash, but just a little too late as I slid them over my own super red eyes. He looks at me, I shake my head. He tries to hand me the joint, I shake my head again. He practically yells at me, " Roll your window down" as he is frantically waving his hands through the smoke trying to get it out of the car. He stops to try and smooth out his hair, when his Dad taps on his window. Tap, Tap, Tap. John, what's going on in there? Which of course was a rhetorical question, since he couldn't see John, but could definitely see the smoke rolling out my window! Just then, my friend, in a sheer panic and forgetting it was still very lit, TUCKED THE JOINT SAFELY BEHIND HIS EAR! In an attempt to help my best friend, thinking quickly, I analyzed the situation and did what any best friend would do, I immediately burst out laughing. Laughing so hard, all I could do was point toward his ear as it began to smolder. He gave me that, "Straighten up, my Dad is right here" look, as he began to roll down his window. *Pause* Remember in the title, I said it was a SPRING DAY? *Unpause* Well that day happened to be a little windy. So when John rolled down his window, that Spring wind blew life into the lit joint behind his ear! And right as he turned to his Dad and said, "What's wrong, Dad? We ain't doing nothing." The whole side of his burst into flames!!
    At this point, I'm still laughing to hard to be of any real help. And I figured, what the hell, we are in deep shit anyway. So I sat there, eyes tearing up, side hurting and watching my friend try frantically to extinguish his now engulfed head by patting it with his hands and screaming.
    Just then, fellow stoners, I witnessed the coolest thing I've ever seen a parent do in my life. John's Dad took off his work coat, one of those big thick welders coats, and yelled, "JOHNNY!" My friend stopped patting and screaming long enough for his Dad to whip his coat around John's head and put out his flaming red hair (yes, I just said that). He then leaned down and away from the window (so the pungent smell of dirt weed and burning hair would just miss his face) enough so we could make eye contact, pulled down his sunglasses and just as cool as could be said, "Stanley, Could you please get Johnny out of here and clean him up. His Mom is off early today too and there is no way I want to spend the rest of the day explaining this to her" Even tho I could hardly breath, I tried to remain cool. I reached up and pulled MY glasses down and with my smoke damaged lungs, I croaked, "Sure". At the exact moment we both looked at John, tiny wisps of smoke coming from his makeshift turban and began to laugh.
    How I managed to start my car and drive away, I don't remember. What I do remember vividly is the sound of John's Dad laughing so loud that I could still hear him after I rounded the next block!
    On a side note...John never did stop smoking. Graduated from Stanford and is now the Senior Estimator for a large construction firm. We keep in touch and still laugh at that Spring day. Never did get the smell out of that car...
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  2. Good shit man!
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