it aint so bad getting caught when you know your dad smokes too

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  1. Hello! I have been lurkin the forums for a few weeks and finally have something worthwhile to post.

    First some background info...

    I started smoking about 3 and a half years ago but over the past 6 months or so I have been smoking much more. About 1 month ago I found my dads stash. I noticed a pipe in my bathroom medicine cabinet before but I never had 100% evidence that my dad smoked until this newfound discovery.

    Since I was dry at the time I abused the fact of knowing where my dads stash was and smoked out of it for about a week. Needless to say, I got pretty carried away and made a much bigger dent that I would have liked too.

    Now for the me getting caught part...

    Well about 3 days ago my mom brought attention to me that she found some "pot particles" on the ground and warned me "not to let my friends bring over their pot", so I guess she didn't think it was mine?

    One important thing to note is my dad is currently on house arrest so the cops could potentially search the house if they suspect my dad of bad behavior. My dads not as bad of a guy as it seems though, he just makes some silly mistakes.

    Anyways, back to the main story. After my mom told me that she popped in my room once again and told me that she has been noticing lighters disappearing. "Shit" I thought, my parents are on to me.

    The next day was a normal day. I woke up, got ready for work, went to work, and came home. My mom even texted me during the day asking if I wanted pizza for when I came home. Today is sweet I thought. So after finishing my pizza i look in my desk where i keep my stash and was utterly shocked.

    There was a note. "Gotta hide your pot better!" -Mom and Dad.

    I just sat down and kinda smiled in awe and began to think of what I should do. I was supposed to go over to my friends house and smoke because his parents were out of town. I told him that I had been caught and he psyched me up to confront my parents about it.

    I just went out to the living room and said "I liked the note you left me" and my parents were like "yeah?" I asked if they were mad and they said not really because you are old enough to make decisions for yourself but we did think you were better then that. I explained to them that I have done my research and am very responsible in my use of marijuana and although their is a risk of getting caught I take every precaution to not allow that to happen. They were just more worried about my dad being on house arrest and me not hiding my stuff good enough. Throughout the conversation I learned a few things that I never suspected...

    My dad tried growing plants when he was younger.

    My younger sister got caught with pot before I did and took away her stuff! They didn't take away my stash because they think I am old enough.

    Also, my parents are pretty sweet.

    Towards the end of the talk my mom asked if she knew why my dads stash was almost gone and my dad kinda laughed and said "we don't need to talk about that!" I lied and said I didn't know anything about that...haha pretty shitty but I am to scared to admit to it.

    Well, afterwards I went to my buddys house and smoked a couple bowls out of the bong and then smoked a j laughing about what had happened. Although my parents now know I still don't want to make it apparent when I am high and when I smoke. I don't want them thinking it is all that I do (it isn"t)

    Well thanks for reading!
  2. cool story bro +rep for keepin me entertained while im stoned..
  3. Welcome to the city!

    My family is pretty similar to yours. I always thought my mom and dad were both pretty straight arrows when it comes to drugs, and because of that I was always really precautious with my smoking habits. I've been caught a couple of times, and it's always my mom that gets worked up about it. She's a VERY straight arrow, she's the type that calls it "pot" and "getting stoned", and she buys into all the propaganda.

    My dad, on the other hand, is very cool about it. During a conversation with him, I found out that he used to smoke when he was my age and he actually got busted trying to buy a QP. So they both know I smoke, my mom just acts all disappointed and warns me that i'll get lung cancer and all that, while my dad really couldn't care less. My mom hasn't been getting on my case lately, and I think that's because my dad talks to her about it and tells her to leave me alone.
  4. Yeah my parents are just worried about me getting caught and how that could mess up my life. In wisconsin any drug related crime is an automatic 6 month driving license suspension which would fuck me over big time.
  5. It's nice to see more and more poeple have understanding parents for the most part. My mom used to smoke when she was a teenager, and the few times she's ran across my stash she just freaked me out my hiding it untill I asked her about it and then gave it back and gave me a lecture about how I shouldn't over indulge and use it responsibly and not get caught.

  6. True my mom gives me an attitude when she knows I'm high my dad started off to be strict but I realized after a few times getting caught that he smoked for sure especially when he told me to save him a blunt in front of my friend... = 0 idky but I couldn't see myself blazing with him...generation gap he cool but basketball playing coolget me
  7. It is always a crapshoot with parents.
    Sometimes the most conservative looking parents will surprise you in that they are totally accepting.
    But then sometimes, the most eccentric, wild parents are super strict and anti-weed.
  8. try to smoke with them or your dad atleast mane.
    or next time you get some leave a little something in his stash to pay him back.

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