It´s a Girl !!! (again)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Spanishfly, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Hey peeps, just determined another girl. That is three girls and one boy so far, out of a dozen seedlings. I only ever grow four ladies, so I can say it is all for my own use, may have some females surplus. I can always find a buyer for them.
  2. not bad good luck
  3. Thanks
  4. make sure you give each one of them a little kiss before you go to bed
  5. Don´t we all do that??? LOL
  6. oh is that the law where you live? 4 plants per person?
  7. you can grow for your own use. there is no actual limit on the number of plants
  8. ANOTHER girl!! Four girls so far and only one boy, that is the best ratio I have had.
  9. lucky you! you must be doing something right!
  10. Just doing what I always do. I have read of ways to increase the number of females, but have never found they make any difference. I reckon it is just the luck of the draw.
  11. luck of the draw certainly. i visited my site today and looks like i got 2 males im not 100% yet and also 2 females not 100%

  12. Once you see the pistils, white hairs, that is a female for sure.

    Now I am going down the road because my mate has 14 seedlings he wants me to sex for him. It will cost him some beers.
  13. lol :) im off so my site with a lens to make sure
  14. Another girl identified this morning - that is FIVE girls and one boy. Most female season I have ever had, ever.
  15. Can't believe you ended up wih that many females.. You done something right. Hopefully you kept a journal so you can repeat this outcome again.:hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:
  16. Sadly no, the seeds came from some of last year´s White Widow which I pollinated. They just seem to be very feminine.
  17. pulled a male yesterday. it was my biggest plant, bastard!

    the others showing no signs yet

  18. My commiserations, friend. I have the four White Widow females that I want in big pots, I sold a WW female surplus to requirements for €20 yesterday.
  19. spanishfly all i can say is that sumone up there likes you
    lucky bastard
    (no i dont think ur a bastard)
  20. Good to hear that bro I am still waiting to find out the sex of my babies, nothing as of yesterday. JOE>

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