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Issues wity tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by JHerrer Fan, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Got a new tent. Gorilla grow tent. 4x6. Having issues with air circulation.

    Got a 600w mh with a 5000 btu a/c

    I have a fan blowin cold to light and I just moved a fam blowing out to the bottom where the heat is building up.

    It's my first set up. Any help appreciated.

  2. I have the same tent and I open the flap on the bottom is it a heat prob or what?
  3. Heat problem. I'm at 86-degrees and 27 humidity.

    I can pump up the AC but when I circulate air at the bottom it drops.

    It's my first set up. I'd love to get as much help as possible but I'm new here and rather lost tbh
  4. Do you have a cool tube and inline fan?
  5. Your having problems with your ac because of the natural law of heat. Heat rises so having your ac at the bottom won't cool the heat trapped in the top. If you added a fan to the top just to get rid of the trapped heat you will see major improovments as then the cool air will rise .
  6. My ac is at the top. My out is at the bottom. I haves eat trapped at the bottom. I'm thinking an upgrade of the fan on the floor
  7. Bump.

    Back ttt
  8. Also.. When my wife turns a blow dryer on the circuit cuts off always. Not sure why.
  9. Switch your fan and ac around. It seems as if the hot air is at the bottom because you have the ac on top. Trust me with my tent I did the same thing. Have your fan take air out of the top (since heat rises) and put your ac on the bottom that will cool the whole tent instead of having the top be cool. The top doesn't need to be cool, unless your hanging plants upside down in the tent you want your floor to be colder.
  10. And the blow dryer is blowing the circut because your grow room and wherever she blow drys her hair is sucking a lot of electricity. Either turn of unnessecary things on the circut or have her dry her hair in another room
  11. The blow dryer is causing the issue on all my circuits. Both bathroom circuits.
  12. How do u get the fans to stand stable on a tent if they don't fit into something? I find them falling over.

    Ps. Thanks for all the help so far. I'm goin to try switching my cold air to the bottom
  13. That's how I currently have pulling hit air out. I can move this to the top and cold air to the bottom

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  14. image-1973131567.jpg here is my cold air in with a little space to push cold air free.

    I also have a fan at the bottom circulating air
  15. Ps I have a typo. My tents 4x2x6 height
  16. Yeah if you switch them it should help. And I noticed you have a duct booster fan, and I will let you just be ready for it to give out. My cousin ran one in his tent 24 hrs and after 6 months it died.
  17. Ill up grade when that happens. My out goes directly to a coal filter. Hoping to reduce smell
  18. Oh. And any idea on holding up the duct?
  19. The filter is a great idea. And for my ducting I used 2 or 3 metal coat hangers to hang it.
  20. Do I HAVE to have cold ac into light?

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