Issues with marijuana lately

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  1. I've been smoking and consuming marijuana regularly for about the last 3 years. The first couple years, the effects of the marijuana were pretty standard. I would feel high, euphoric, and even sleepy if I let it set in. If I let the sleep set in, I would get a great night's rest with no lasting issues.

    However, over the last several months, a drastic change has occurred out of nowhere. Marijuana, regardless of how I use it (pipe, oil vape, dry herb vape, edibles, wax), doesn't get me high like it used to. Instead, I'm left feeling ultra spacey, feeling cracked out. It isn't a pleasant feeling. I've tried multiple strains (indica, sativa, hybrid), from multiple dispensaries. My sleep is absolutely dreadful on it as well. Regardless of the strain, it keeps me up. When I get to sleep, I wake up in the morning feeling miserable, like I've had a body transplant, and feeling like I haven't slept in a week. I took a week off from it to see if maybe it is a tolerance issue, but that made no difference, and I've never been a smoke all day, everyday type. Any ideas?

    P.S. In case it makes a difference, I grind up all my weed at once and store the different strains in plastic, unused pill-like containers with pop-up lids. Doesn't look like mold is growing on the marijuana. Untrained eye though.
  2. Take a longer break.

    Any issues with mental illness, ie depression? Might need to see if that needs addressing outside of MJ, if so.
  3. wow what a drag. I will pray for you.
  4. Only change is periodic use of mdma, and 5-htp supplementation as a result.
  5. OP those are unmentionables and will get you in trouble for mention in this forum.
  6. Marijuana is dangerous and is a direct link to death and insanity.

    Try cannabis.
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