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  1. Hi All
    I've been growing for a while and every so often this happen and I don't know why.

    I am in Sydney and have window setup, lights are digital and set on 12hr cycle.
    Product used in Cyco and im in my 3rd week.

    the plants want stop shooting and want to frow higher.
    the flower stem just wants to shoot and not flower.
    the leaves look half developed most have 1,2,3 blades on it if that makes sense.

    Im growing in coco and i hand feed every 2days.

    ill post some photos im sure that will tell a better story

    I need some help and advise.

    Thank you

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  2. its either a mutant or is revegging because of a light leak does it get 12 hours total darkness no ambient lights at all?
  3. are those seed pods on there its hard to tell from the pictures
  4. Hi guys, yes they are in darkness no light leaks, I’ve been growing this strain for sometime now from cloning.

    the cutting in photo I had to cut off the top cos they are growing 2 big and want stop
  5. N
    no disrespect. Some people will think your joking .
    Throw them out plant some new seeds from an actual breeder .
  6. I agree with Bryan, get rid of it and start over
  7. Thanks guy for all your feed back, I have clones coming up on this strain and as mentioned it’s a great strain, just that I might have shocked them somewhere in flower, also currently in Sydney it’s really hot so maybe heat is a contributing factor.

    milk run then through the the final weeks, even if it’s a waist of time I have nothing else to put through
  8. Maybe you can rig up some kind of arbor cover for the next one??
  9. A wild guess, something went wrong? How long/ how many generations have you been taking the same clones? I too have fallen for the ease of clones (now into gen 4 or 5)
    & just can't seem to throw away the perfectly good shoots (clones) that need to be trimmed anyway, when so many would be tickled to get a 2-3 month old clone IMO. No idea what happened to that plant.

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