Issues with 2 week old plants.

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  1. Hi, this is my first post, I've tried searching for my problem, but there's so many different possibilities that my untrained eye wasn't able to distinguish one from the other. Basically, I've got a 2 week old plant that is showing some yellowing, and now it's began to show some brown spots.

    If anyone knows what this is you'd be a life saver! (probably literally)

    The setup I'm using:
    2 CFLs at around 4-5 inches away
    Temperatures are around 76-80F
    I water when the soil is dry about an inch down
    It's in a standard red party cup

    Thank you for reading this! :)
  2. what watt's are your cfls ?
  3. 42w. I've never checked that before. That could be an issue couldn't it?
  4. 42 watt per bulb ? or 42 watt all together ?
  5. 42w per bulb. I have two little plants right next to eachother, the other is about half the size of the one pictured, and it showing similar yellowing but no brown spots. The bulbs are directly above each plant and the plants are directly next to eachother.
  6. if you can upload a pic so i can see what your talking about that would be more helpful and if you do so to upload a pic put a ruler in there so i can see the hights of your plants, what it sounds to me is your pushing to much light over the plants you did say that the lights were 5-6" away form the plants, and have you had your soild ph tested and what brand soil are you using?
  7. Okay here's the picture

    imgur: the simple image sharer

    This is how they were, I just moved them to about a foot away from the lights

    I haven't tested the PH of the soil and I'm not sure what brand. I'm pretty sure it's organic.

    Also; thank you so much for helping me out and replying so fast!
  8. ok what i see in your picture is that the lights are way to close to the plants the tip of the light is only 2" away from the one on the left and it looks like you don't have a drainage system on the bottom of your cups you should poke a couple of holes in the bottom of the cups and set the lid of a coffee can under each plant this will let the extra water drain out,
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    Lighting: 100 watts for one plant 50-75 watts for each additional plant. Distance from plants should be around 2-4 inches. (As close as possible without burning them. Put your hand under the light for 30 seconds, adjust distance based off heat; should be a comfortable 70 to 75 degrees F)

    Soil: Foxfarm Ocean Forest is a great brand for organic marijuana growing.

    Nutrients: Foxfarm Nutrient Trio, follow the trio feeding schedule. (Says use Big Bloom for the first two weeks. Only part you should disregard)

    Container: Since your plants are now two weeks old you should transplant them into at least 2 gallon buckets for now. (Many say final transplant should be a 5 gallon bucket but for indoors you really only need 3 gallon bucket in my own opinion. Also, drainage is very important)

    Good luck to you and I'd be happy to help with any additional questions :wave:
  10. Okay, thanks. I've moved the lights and I do already have holes in the bottom of the cups, they just aren't visible in the picture. What distance should I have them at roughly?

    Again, thank you very much. If they recover I'll be sure to post and update picture.

  11. So is the picture that I posted okay? They were about 2 inches from the lights and the temperatures of the leaves themselves are about 75F. Should I put them at 4 inches or put them back to 2?
  12. k, and what is your light schedule set to as of right now ? and remember the more time you spend on your plants the better they will yield, as of the red in the background you might wanna move them into a built box or something along those lines, you want to have them in a flat white or Mylar background 15ft of mylar only cost about 20 bucks
  13. i grow with cfls im telling you your gonna want to keep the tip of the light about 4-6" away for the plants or you will strain them and or burn them
  14. Okay, I'll put them at 6 inches. I can't really do much to the walls of the room, as it is a closet. Would lining it with aluminum foil be effective?

    I also have them on a 24/0 light schedule, trying to find a cheap enough timer to put them on a less intense one.
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    So do I 420x. The closer the better without burning them like I said... and if you don't want to believe me check out KamelRedLights CFL thread which everyone should (great thread for a beginner using CFL's and good tips for even advanced growers)

    Anyway you have to realize the distance isn't whats so important, because your distance as I said is adjusted based off heat output. As long as your plants don't exceed 80 degrees your good to go. Anything below 65 or above 85 degrees slows down plant growth.

    Aluminum Foil causes hot spots. So no, as 420x said flat white is a cheap easy way out
  16. never use aluminum foil it cause light pressure points on your plant, and i agree with byo, i use ffof soil and ferts,
  17. I'll look around for some flat white stuff to put in there. If changing the distance of the lights doesn't help the brown spots, what would be the next issue to address? PH?
  18. Yes. Do you currently use any fertilizers?

    And your PH should be around 6.5-6.8 ish
  19. do you know how to rais or lower ph ? if you don't im pretty sure Gc sells a ph test kit,
  20. sells ph "up and downs"

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