Issues halfway through flowering

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    Kandy Kush (x4), OG Kush (x1) (KK bags are raised up for a level canopy).
    Indoor (4x4 tent) HPS 600W (x1) ~8" above the canopy (inside a glass ventilation tube)
    2500K 68W CFL (x4) in the corners, same height as the canopy (but not touching)

    Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Mix in 2gal bags (were supposed to be 3, guy at store gave the wrong ones, didn't notice until after transplant)
    OG: 50/50 ^ Foxfarm & Vigoro Organics Potting Mix in 5gal pot (transplanted 1 week ago from same 2gal bag, yikes)
    Kandy Kush have been flowering for 5 weeks, OG has been flowering for 6
    Watering every third day with distilled.
    First week I had the OG, all I did was water it.  Was a little pale.  When the KK joined, started feeding Foxfarm Big Bloom (organic) .01-.3-.7 every other watering.  About 3 weeks in I noticed the OG's yellowing was getting worse with older leaves, thought it was too soon to be getting N deficient.  Guessed the plants had used all the nutes from the soil so far, so started adding 1tsp Roots Organics Surge 2-2-0.5.  KK stayed fine, OG continued to get worse (but not any more quickly).
    I looked at the plants, then the sick plant guides, then the plants again, then the guides, the plants, the guides... Made up my mind this looked a lot like pH lockout.  
    Bought some AWFUL test strips, but enough to tell the pH was high, attempted to correct with diluted lemon juice, plant got worse 2 days later.  Bought a proper digital pH tester, calibrated it, started testing everything - my water (7.8), water with nutes (around 4), the run-off (4!) realized I had overshot with my homebrew pH Down, bought some (actual) pH UP and started gradually adjusting with just water and pH up until a few days later the run-off was back above 5.5.  Resumed watering with Surge (as well as Big Bloom every other), but pH adjusting the solution each time to achieve 7.  The "Getting worse" slowed drastically, back to the original rate, basically.
    I decided that no amount of nutes or pH adjusting was going to put a stop to this, and the plant was now quite large for that 2gal bag.  So I flushed it, let it dry, then transplanted into the 5gal pot.
    Humidity - IDK I leave a pot of water on the radiator.  Temp - ~75F room, ~80 in the tent.  Fan was off one day and they were all subjected to several hours of ~90+F, one of the buds on the OG burned :( I backed off the HPS and cooled the room and they perked right up within a couple hours.
    No pests except a few stink bugs (like, 1 every other week) which wandered in there because they like the heat and light.  I was putting them outside as I found them, until I read that if I killed one and left it in there, it would deter others.  So I did that, haven't seen any more.
    So if you're still reading this you know that the OG has been through quite an ordeal, the Kandy Kush seemed to be fine, though.  (Until recently.  2 of them have started showing the same type of problems the OG started with.)
    The OG is now showing advanced signs of distress, and it's really no wonder, but what should I / can I do to help her heal, at this point?  Can someone help me diagnose?
    And, should I even be concerned about the KK?  (pictures below)
    Kandy Kush:
    See two of the plants look mostly fine, the other two starting to show issues.  
    One plant's issues:
    The only thing wrong with one of the healthier KK's:
    OG Kush:
    It looks a little funny-shaped because I trained it away from the bulb while the KK caught up.
    One big happy(?) family (raised the HPS to snap this):

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