Issues after transplanting clones! HELP! (pics)

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  1. Hello. Need some help. The clones I got from a co-op aren't doing well after the transplant to soil. I have 4 deep sour grapes(the ones that really aren't doing well), 4 deep ***** x strawberry cough (doing the best) and 4 sweet tooth (the shorter wider ones). I have a pretty bright room with two 400w mh lights in it. the lights are about 18in from plants. Its cool with a temp around 72f and humidity in the 30-40% range. I exhaust the room for 15 min every hour. (passive intake) also I have a damp towel hanging in the room to help boost the humidity. I watered all 12 2 gallon buckets with one gallon of R/O water with a bit of root booster and a 1/4 dose of sinse grow a & B. Is that enough water and nutes?

    Whats going on?? Please help, as this is my first grow!
    Thanks a bunch.

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  2. All you can do is wait, you have done all you can do. You will know if they make it within 72 hours.
  3. bump for more replies!
  4. there dead bro :wave:
  5. 48 hours later, how are they looking?
  6. Sounds like you need to increase your water. 2 gallons of dirt should take half gallon of water or so every other day till roots get established. PH your run off and adjust. Half nuts for first week or so. Light air movement all the time.

    Good luck brother
  7. are you misting the leaves with a spray bottle?

    you need too keep them verry moist tell they get there root sysstem

    a damp towl will not keep the humidity high enuff

    hope that helps at all:smoking:
  8. try puting a vented dome on top of the plants and more water, they look starved for water, putting a dome on top of them will let you know if it is a water def. the leaves should perk back up if this is the problem.

  9. NO NO NO do NOT add more water. Your clones are completely drowning in overwatered soil and are going to get moldy and rot and die. When you transplant clones to soil you want your soil to be barely damp. That way the roots have to grow and seek out water. What you want to do is re-transplant those to different barely damp soil RIGHT NOW.

    75 degrees temp is fine. Your RH is too low and needs to be more at like 80%. Your clones are probably experiencing some stress b/c they haven't been hardened properly. At the shop they were probably under a humidity dome and now you have them under nothing. Put some kind of humidity dome over each clone and prop up one corner of the dome about 3/4's of an inch with some folded up paper towel to allow airflow in. Over the next few days take the dome off in increasing time increments only putting it back on when the plants look like they are wilting again. You can spray the inside of the dome occassionally (once a day) which will help with foliar feeding as your roots are stretching and growing. After about a week your plants will be hardended and you won't need the dome anymore.

    Don't worry you can save these clones.:D
  10. sorry, that was what i meant, the foliage has been the source of feeding with the humidity dome, they need to feed from the roots now, but you cant just suddenly remove the humidity dome, they havent switched to feeding by the roots yet, you have to ease them out of the humidity, but.... they will still need 40-75% humidity through the veg state. diy420 is right. I dont grow in soil but the concept is the same, so for the soil part of it, 420 is probably the right way to go, too much water in the soil, though i dont think the clones are even fully noticing the soil just yet.
  11. Hey Boothy, how about an update to let us know if they survived or not.:mad:

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