Issue with plant. Pics included. Deficiency?

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  1. One of my outdoor plants Is showing some symptoms on some fan leaves and I was hoping for help with diagnosis.

    Any input is appreciated! 20190827_150703.jpg 20190827_150706.jpg

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  2. I think you'll be okay. Leaves frequently turn yellow before harvest, those were probably the more damaged of your leaves.
  3. So you wouldn't do anything? Just let them be...I know the yellowing for late I In flowering is normal but the brown spots concerned me
  4. Perhaps if I knew exactly what was causing the brown spots I'd try to correct it but IMO it's in fairly good shape overall for an outside plant this time of year. I see plenty of green leaves that don't look damaged so I doubt there's something systemic going on. If anyone else has a better plan than benign neglect they should speak up.
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  5. Take a close look on the left, midway down on the top photo.
    The spots are occurring on new growth, as well...
    or my eyes...
  6. Those spots could be indicative of calcium deficiency. That doesn't look like standard-issue nitrogen deficiency to me, which is a gradual yellowing that normally starts from the bottom up. You still have many weeks to go. If they were mine, I'd probably try to address that.
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  7. Do you guys think some cal mag would be a good solution for this ,?
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  8. Looks like a potassium deficiency to me. Hit her with some extra bloom nutes. Did wonders for mine. They looked the same as yours. Good luck
  9. Yes, I would try that.

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