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  1. So I've grown out several plants in hydro with not too many problems. I moved and decided to try organic soil.

    I followed the recipe from the sticky here somewhere. Easy soil mix for beginners I think it was. I used organic potting mix from a chain store (I didn't have any additives listed on it, just composted soil), added cow manure to the soil at about a 75/25 ratio soil to poo. I let that "cook" for maybe 4 months.

    I added about 4 gallons of that cooked soil to about 2 and half gallons of perlite and about a gallon of worm castings. Then I added a cup and half of organic garden lime, 1 and half cups Epsoma garden tone, 2 cups Epsoma Kelp Meal, 3 cups Azomite. Then I let that mixture cook for just under 3 weeks.

    I transplanted last night from then soil and poo only mixture into my organic soil I built because I was having the same canoeing look l, leaf edges curling up and over. Tops of leaves feel like sandpaper.

    I transplanted last night it looks many times worse than it did. Any ideas?




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  2. Looks like heat stress to me.
    What's the temperature in your grow room?
  3. Less than 45-50% humidity. 65-72 degrees.

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  4. Hmm nevermind, those values are right, it might be something else, sorry I couldn't help more.
  5. My suggestion would be to toss that organic soil mix and go buy a bag of really good formulated grow soil. LOL It's takes way too long to prep that organic recipe stuff in my opinion, and then you have issues that you don't know how to deal with...which was kind of the whole idea with going organic in the beginning, so you didn't have problems, right? The soil we use is about $27 a bag but it works right every time and my plants love it, so it's worth it as far as I'm concerned. Can't help you out with this. Sounds like it's probably some sort of nutritional overage or underage. You are letting the pot dry out almost totally and completely before you give more water, right? I know you said you did some hydro grows before but not sure what your overall experience with soil growing is. When in soil, these plants need defined wet/dry cycles to do well and you have to let them dry out to almost dead dry before you water again. Maybe somebody else will come along with better direction for you. TWW
  6. 99% of problem in organic are caused by over/under watering....

    since you said that its your first soil grow, ima have to go with trasporation issuesby the looks of the saggy leaf as well.

    my bet is over watering

    DONT listen to this guy ^^^^^ welll built pre bagged soils are fuckin rare bro dont fuck with it

    ur doin a decent job so far nothing really looks too bad at all to me

    just LITFA for a while and if nothing improves hit it with a ewc and molasses tea when its time to water

    youll be fine as long as you water correctly
  7. btw my plants have done that before and the leaves just stayed the way yours look right now ans they never changed/got worse from there

    didnt effect them in anyway
  8. The soil was barely damp when I transplanted. I soaked the whole pot this morning so I'll go check it here in a little bit. I was thinking maybe they were dryish.

    It's a tough transition coming from hydro because they're ALWAYS wet.

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  9. Thanks for the input everyone.

    This pic is a couple hours after the watering. I think it looks a little better.


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  10. Ok I got some more issues going on. Plant looked better for about 2 days. Just noticed I got what looks like something is eating my leaves. I've not noticed anything around it though. What should I do to kill anything that could somehow be in the soil? Anything ORGANIC to add?


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  11. By the way the little black dots on picture 2 are just dirt on the leaves.

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