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  1. Hi all,

    I am just writing here to share my experience so no one goes through it like I did.

    So basically some weeks ago I ordered the QB96 elite V2 and as all of us would be, I was so excited to finally have saved enough for it and be able buy it. So that’s what I did.

    2 weeks go by and all of a sudden UPS let’s me know that they abandoned my package :eek: I mean...abandoned!? Really?! So now I contacted UPS and they said that the sender (HLG)should have contacted me because there was tax that should have been collected when delivered ( delivery was to my courier but no one knew of this charge since no one mentioned it). Also it was about a week or so later that HLG replied back to our emails and you know what they said? “There is nothing we can do”

    Guys I’m sorry for my rant but it is almost 10 in the morning and this is the first thing I have been dealing with for the last couple of days and today I get the nothing you can do €250 down the F&£@ drain.

    Sorry guys but just thought you should know.

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  2. Thought I heard they can't deliver to the UK.
  3. They do actually against a $65 shipping cost of course.

    Has anyone else had any bad experiences with HlG? I thought they were so reliable but I’m feeling played here cause “nothing you can do?” I mean so they just get the light back from UPS and get my money still, nice business.
  4. Maybe someone can tag an HLG representative so we can sort this out and maybe order some more if I can get what I already ordered cause this was supposed to be a test run.

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  5. Only bad experience I have had is how often they sell out of shit.
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  6. Awwh man I have never ever in a thousand years expected this. And unfortunately I have been in contact with them before but they never mentioned anything about this happening ever.

    So lost right now :( hurts my pockets and worst thing I can’t even order another one until I can recoup my
    Money or the product from this order

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  7. You might be able to fix this, if you used a credit card.
    Call your credit card company, and they might be able to get you a refund if it's within 30 days.
    It's HLG's job to get the light safely to you.
    Credit card companies don't want their customers scammed.
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  8. I've opted for a much cheaper alternative waiting on Quantum technology to come down in price; COB fixtures that are plug and play without fans or drivers - might be something you can work with in the meantime and later use as accent (satellite) lighting. 150w unit (drawing about 65w from wall) was under $40; I've got two 100w and two 75w versions working in different stations trying to meet my needs.
  9. If this is true and no lie, HLG should fix. If HLG won’t fix, that’s bad bad business man.....
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  10. agree, I have had to do it before as last resort. Bank is very willing and helpful. Call and file, easy peasy. Sounds like problem is screwed up UK not hlg. But you shouldn't be the one screwed.
  11. I've never heard of this. You should contact your bank or credit card and stop payment. I don't see how a company does business when customers don't receive the product. That's job one.

    On another subject....

    Why are you spending so much extra to purchase HLG products from the UK when you have Invisible Sun there?
    Invisible Sun is the Premier Supplier of Quantum lighting solutions

    I have several of their boards. 6 to be exact and they're every bit as good as HLG's.

    I'm getting 4 of these in the mail hopefully soon. It's their newest product. It's about as much power as a qb120 board but it has deep red and far red built onto the board. All Samsung leds.
    Invisible Sun R Strip - Powered by Samsung LM301H /LH351H

    I'm going to use 4 of them to replace my oldest qb260 kit in my flower room and I'll pick up 8 more far red leds on the boards.

    Invisible Sun put their boards ahead of everyone else IMO putting far reds on the boards and not making you buy those in strips separate.

    ISH265H PRO Horticultural lighting Kit powered by Samsung LM301b
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  12. Or you could go through DIYLEDUK who are the supplier for hlg but they dont sell the v96 elite which is why I guess you went through hlg but they do sell the red supplement separate which I'm waiting for to come back in stock, hope hlg sort your refund but ups should of contacted you to pay the import tax before returning the goods back to hlg either way you should be refunded otherwise that is shocking business on hlg's part!
  13. Wow guys thank you so much for your replies and again, I do not mean to throw bad shade on HLG far from that, I appreciate what they are doing to push the industry forward but I see some lack of community management which why I opted to post here thinking that they might look at take it more seriously.

    So I’m going to ask again if someone here can tag any representatives?

    I’m lookin more to get my product rather than my money back so if they can just arrange things with UPS which I’m sure they can and since I can’t get past their freaking virtual assistant cause apparently all their numbers are non existing, they send me my package without having to take any losses and it’s a win win for both of us.

    Thanks again guys appreciate all the input.

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  14. Hey I don’t know if he’s on this site or maybe Rollitup...his handle is stevenj1863 or something like that, don’t quote me. You could try Facebook. I actually just had them screw up on me. My 144s had diodes go out so they sent a return, cool, but they did not check my shipping address so they sent it to my old address. If they had answered the phone the day they shipped then they could’ve changed it immediately. I got an email from them AFTER it was delivered and after numerous phone calls when HLG could’ve contacted usps as the sender and had the address changed immediately. Instead I had to wait and track until it arrived in my old city and then pray as I called that they would be answering the phone ten minutes before open at USPS on delivery day to stop the delivery. If not for a kind worker in my current city(I couldn’t get this info on the phone) I wouldn’t have gotten the insider info that stopped the delivery. I didn’t want the lights to sit out on the porch for who knows how many days before finding out they were gone from my old address. The insurance on the package allowed me to reroute it for free but if I hadn’t called before 9am delivery then there wouldn’t have been anything to reroute. HLG should’ve just called, changed address, and moved on. It would’ve saved me over 2 hours on phone. Actual wait times were 1 hour and half one time and 45 minutes the next time i called. Then I ended up having to go into the usps office which took a whole hour out of my day also. Informative visit

    HLG was great until this summer. I don’t know what happened but they stopped answering phones. I hope things get better and if they do not answer the phone this winter I will not be buying myself an Xmas present from them. I have drivers I prob need more than boards anyways. By gosh golly I’ve had absolutely prophetic results with these lights though. But as TBone said it’s annoying i had to get FR separate. Then I’ve gotta have buck converters or multiple drivers to run everything and that’s less efficient! Invisible sun is giving some competition. I hate shipping costs for over seas though. How did this turn out with HLG for you? Def get Invisible Sun, it’s in your neck of the woods.

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