Israeli Settlers prepare for construction surge..

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  1. Thousands expected to attend rally to show the world that construction in the West Bank is resuming.

    Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar had given verbal authorization for construction to resume today, even though it's a holiday, Danon said.
    "The rabbi said construction can begin even though work is not allowed during Sukkot," he said.

    Settlers prepare to mark freeze expiration with construction surge - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


    What type of message is this sending to the Palestinian people during the US/Israeli PR production "Peace talks" ?

    These settlers are biting at the bit to get on building and grabbing new land for Israel.
  2. Good, I'm glad for the Israelis, about time. Spoils of war my man, won fair and square. If anything, give it back to Jordan.

    The sad part of the Palestinian "problem" is the other Arab Nations consider them lesser people, the were always treated like shit by their own........The only reason they support them is to use them as a "cause" to justify anti-Semitic agenda, IMHO anyways. The other Arab nations aggravate the situation instead of making any honest attempt to reconcile the situation.

    Bottom line.....the only way the Arab Nations (Muslims, you know, the religion of peace), and you too Smokinp, would be happy is for the Jews to go back to the ghettos of Europe, and I'm not even sure that would work. Extermination may be the only means of satisfying you guys.

    With that said.....fuck it "BUILD MOTHER FUCKERS BUILD"! cause nothing you can do short of dying will appease these people.

    Good for the Jews!:hello:

  3. Such a cliche...:)

    Anyone that dares to criticize Israel is deemed to want to annihilate the Jews...
    Come on Buddha you can do better than that..;)

    What is needed is for Israel to commit to a peaceful resolution to the conflict and stop their terrorist activities...
    A sure sign of their commitment would be to stop the settlers. Just stop them from building/expanding.
    But no Israel cant even commit to that.

    Then you have the Jewish religious leaders giving their blessing and support to the holy war.
    Sounds familiar.:)

    Stop the Israeli extremists and there is hope for peace.
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    Not a cliche, a fact that has been stated more than once.

    How come you say the Israelis need to stop their terrorist activities and commit to a peaceful resolution but say nothing of the Palestinians. Is their terrorist activities justified? Are you saying that they are completely committed to a peaceful resolution? I mean you paint the Palestinians as cute harmless little bunnies and the Jews as pit bulls.

    Hmm i can't see em to remember the last time i saw an Israeli Homicide Bomber board a bus of innocent people can you?

    Edit: Its not that your anti Semitic if you criticize Israel......Its if you only find fault with Israel and NEVER the Palestinians.
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    No they dont have to resort to that.

    They have the armed to the teeth IDF when they want to slaughter some innocent Palestinians.
    Why lose a man when you can just launch a few bombing raids, send in the bulldozers and tanks, level a neighbourhood or 2 and slaughter as many Palestinians as required in the process.

    I condemn both sides for their acts of brutality.
    But i believe the Israelis are the ones with the power to stop this.
    Stopping the terrorist settlers would go along way towards building bridges.

  6. Well the fact that the Israeli's are persecuting the Palestinians and trying to take away their independence says enough.
  7. It sends the message the setters always send: we are the same as the extremist palestinians...we want conflict
  8. Israel could stop this if they wanted to. They don't want to. Their society depends on the Palestinian conflict. Without this perpetual war how are they going to get their billions of dollars in free money from the United States and other countries? This conflict will only end when Israeli's (not their war criminal leaders in government) say enough is enough. Also, settlements are a violation of the Geneva Conventions -- a war crime and a crime against humanity.
  9. its both peoples falts....

    this is what happens when two people fight over one space and refuse to share
  10. Palatine would be fairly happy with the West Bank and Gaza. But Israel keeps claiming it and going in the country and building stuff and attacking it like it's theirs.
  11. Attacking it like it's theirs, eh? :laughing:

    BTW everyone: I fully condemn all settlers and settler activity. Fuck those fucks.
  12. Heard about this on the news... what's the point in these 'peace talks' if Israeli construction work on Palestinian land is firing right back up? What kind of message does that give them, "We're prepared to talk peace, but while we're doing so please don't mind if we begin invading your already invaded country once again..."

    Fuck Israel. I fully accept and condone the right for Jewish self-preservation and a Jewish state, but NOT smack bang in the middle of someone elses homeland. To my mind, there's no difference between what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and what the yanks did to the Indians, or what Australians did to the Aborigines - in all cases, ancestral homeland has been stolen, the culture erased in favour of 'superior' culture, the people forced onto smaller and smaller tracts of their own land (really, is it a stretch to call the Gaza Strip and West Bank Palestinian reservations...?), and those who resist the invaders painted as 'bloodthirsty, brutal terrorists'. I'm not saying Palestinian militants should be killing innocents and I certainly am not down with Hamas, but I none-the-less can understand why they would do so, can understand the intense anger that they must feel towards these US-sponsored invaders.

    It is this US-sponsoring that leads me to hold a notion that this really is nothing but colonialism dolled up in sheeps wool.
  13. I agree with you if you're talking about 1967+ borders, if you're talking about pre-1967 borders you are grossly misinformed.
  14. This from a guy who calls Israelis terrorists for defending themselves against Palestinian violence.

    Israel isn't training suicide bombers, or indoctrinating their kids to see Jews as subhuman. The Israelis also aren't launching non-stop barrages of rocket artillery in to civilian cities.

    The fact you cant admit this glaring fact shows where you're coming from.

    This is land that Israel took in defense of their country after all those Muslims countries attacked Israel, right? Also, what exactly says its "Palestinian" land?
  15. Since were giving back alll the land that were some peoples "originally"

    Where are all the Natives??
    Come collect Manhatten and Washinton DC.

    It is after all, yours.
  16. Well, some of these "settlers" are pretty scary religious wingnuts. Unfortunatly, they also represent a sizeable minority of the Israeli electorate, which goes a bit to explain why Israel allows them to basically do as cats do, piss on a piece of land and claim it's theirs.

    Which ofcourse provokes the arabs already living there, or nearby. Though, to be fair, Israel would never hold authority over Judea (aka the west-bank) if not for arab aggression to begin with. The arabs living there are caught in the middle, between a rock and a hard place. But they weren't much better off when Jordan held authority there. And more importantly, Jordan denied refugees from the area access after they lost the war that made them into refugees to begin with.

    Judea is conquered land. But unlike most conquerors, Israel have not annexed the land as their own outright. Though by any tradition of war, they could have, especially seeing as they won the land defending themselves, not by waging a war of aggression.

    Much like Poland now consist of much that was formerly Germany (Preussia, Danzig and much more), by means of Germany loosing a war of aggression. Israel now consist of a slice of Jordan, by means of Jordan loosing a war of aggression. You may call that unfair. But at least Germany received millions of refugees from former German territory now part of Poland, eventhough Germany at the time was in ruins. Jordan have not taken responsibility for their former nationals now living in Judea. Indeed, the few they did receive, under PLO refugee organization, got expelled to Lebanon...
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    And in Lebanon, they were placed into refugee camps and terrorized by Hezbollah, who disgutingly and hypocritically claim they champion Palestinian rights... much like a lot of people here.

  18. This coming from a Neocon who likes to masquerade as a libertarian..:)
    The only reason you support Israel is because it is a requirment in the little book of Neocon..:p
    Israel have behaved like terrorists of late what with their "pirate" attack on the Peace Flotilla and forging of EU passports to launch terrorist attacks on foreign states.- Dubai.

    Israel is training the IDF to launch terrorist attacks and their foreign minister has expressed a desire to cleanse Israeli lands of all Arabs.
    And when was the last time that there were "non stop" rockets launched at Israel.

  19. 'nuff said.
  20. Erm, "peace flotilla"???? Terrorist attack on Dubai????

    What kool-aid have you been drinking? It is pretty evident by now that the socalled "peace flotilla" had very little to do with humanitarian aid, and much to do with provoking a media-frenzy, staged by known jihadis.

    [ame=]YouTube - 1/2 - Panorama - What happened on the Flotilla to Gaza[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - 2/2 - Panorama - What happened on the Flotilla to Gaza[/ame]

    And terrorist attack on Dubai? You do realize that was not an attack on Dubai, but hunting down a known hamas guerilla commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. And if you have not noticed, hamas is at war with Israel, by their own decleration and not least, actions. Enemy combatants in a war are fair game, no matter where they hide.

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