Israeli Police Bound And Beat Us Citizen

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    Beaten Palestinian youth is U.S. citizen, cousin of murdered kidnap victim
    Video shows the boy being beaten by three policemen; U.S. State Department calls for a 'credible investigation and full accountability for any excessive use of force.'
  2. damn that poor kids face is pretty bad, its a shitty situation over there, and at this point its just a vicious cycle of unbroken bloodshed for the last 1,400 years in the 'kingdom of God'
    I feel like if a video wasn't captured as concrete evidence this would of been brushed under the carpet...
  3. So what are you saying?  Americans should be treated differently?  Maybe they should wear a t-shirt saying they're an American?
  4. What American in their right mind would stay there. Time to drop a few bombs and wipe all those shit stains off the earth. They want to fight and kill each other. Let's speed the procees up.
  5. Aw hellz noz.

    Time to bring freedom to Israel

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  6. I have an idea...people hate my 'type' so I'll go where there is a lot of VIOLENCE towards my type, better yet, I'll do so with my parents permission...even have them pay my way to the hellhole of violence...
    why are the parents let off without a charge of endangering their minor son? They sent him into a known WAR ZONE.
    fuck it...lets send our little kids on an expensive looking yacht to go fishing off the shores of'll be safe...tourism to some terrorist filled despot militarized war zones is always a safe alternative to Disney World I guess...
    really..false flags are common knowledge and this seems like an excuse for some US intervention and escalation of violence to feed the war machine...
    "think of the children" "they harmed one of our children" ...what better excuses do they need to send in a few thousand soldiers to protect the interest of those US corporation that OWN something valuable in the area...
    it will be easy to see from a mile away...nice red white and blue...
  8. think anybody should be beaten like that? the issue isnt hes American, but because he is the state department will of course get involved.
  9. Oh, whew, good, they strongly condemned the beating. Great news. I was on the verge of worry for a moment.
  10. If Obama's State Dept gets involved it's only because their priorities are completely fucked up, as are their policies.  What could they possibly do about it anyway?  Threaten consequences?  It's a simple beating.
    yep..worse happens in the USA police forces daily events...and NOTHING is ever done to stop it or punish the cops...
  12. The state department has helped many a traveler in a jam. They can't do anything about what's happened, but try can make sure it won't continue to escalate indefinitely
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    saved him from being drone attacked by the US probably..
    they seem to like doing that to citizens abroad that hang around with the wrong brown people.
    but seriously.. go to dangerous places and bad things happen. He could have gone to the wrong neighborhood in his home city and got beaten worse.
  14. How can you guy say its cos he went to a dangerous place? there are KIDS LIVING THERE BUT A YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK  ABOUT THEM BEING IN  DANGER?he had family there? thats why he was over there like me, i go over there to visit family and i dont exect a beating from stupid israeli fucks just cos i happen to be half palestinian
  15. Sickening.
  16. This is Israel, nothing new in the Israeli military abducting young Palestinians and beating the shit out of them.

    Only a big deal because he wasn't some nameless Palestinian, amazing how it becomes news because the kid happened to be half a Yank...

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    What has the state department done since the kidnapping death of a Jewish American teen a week ago in Israel?

  18. My favorite Jewish American is Nev Schulman.
    mine is whoever owns katz's deli.
    that's some bomb corned beef & matzo ball soup.
  20. My favorite -


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