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Israeli Government Officially Recognizes Cannabis's Necessity

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dudedude4, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Israeli Government Officially Recognizes The Therapeutic Value Of Cannabis

    The Israeli government this week formally acknowledged the therapeutic utility of cannabis and announced newly amended guidelines governing the state-sponsored production and distribution of medical cannabis to Israeli patients.

    A prepared statement posted Monday on the website of office of the Israeli Prime Minister states: “The Cabinet today approved arrangements and supervision regarding the supply of cannabis for medical and research uses. This is in recognition that the medical use of cannabis is necessary in certain cases. The Health Ministry will – in coordination with the Israel Police and the Israel Anti-Drug Authority – oversee the foregoing and will also be responsible for supplies from imports and local cultivation.”

    According to Israeli news reports, approximately 6,000 Israeli patients are supplied with locally grown cannabis as part of a limited government program. This week's announcement indicates that government officials intend to expand the program to more patients and centralize the drug's cultivation. “[T]here are predictions that doctor and patient satisfaction is so high that the number could reach 40,000 in 2016,” The Jerusalem Post reported.
    The Israeli Ministry of Health is expected to oversee the production of marijuana in January 2012.

    Similar government-sponsored medical marijuana programs are also active in Canada and the Netherlands.

    By contrast, in July the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) formally denied a nine-year-old petition calling on the agency to initiate hearings to reassess the present classification of marijuana as a schedule I controlled substance, stating in the July 8, 2011 edition of the Federal Register that cannabis has “a high potential for abuse; … no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States; … [and] lacks accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”
  2. Lol, it would be something if our gov't was the last one saying that pot is bad.
  3. Yeahh..its pretty sad bro.
    I love that Marijuana is still as dangerous as heroin! And cocaine is a schedule must be safer.
  4. You know, the way things are going for Obama right now, he could use a few stoners that have never bothered to vote before because why? :confused: to get up and go out and vote. And all it would take him is one signature.

    If he ain't at least that business savvy, I don't WANT him to get re-elected :p
  5. It would get him re-elected, yeah, but that would forgo his and every other politicians' position as a pawn for all the corporate industries that would collapse if we were to replace oil, pharmaceutics, and paper with cannabis. :smoking:
  6. Maybe the American government will be lax after they see these reports? Israel is a close ally lol... legalize it please... my God man. I need more, I need to grow out of my stealth grows size!
  7. The US won't be able to deny Cannabis as a medicine if Israel makes it legal for medical proposes . The UN already has said that the global war on drugs has failed this may be the tipping point that we have been looking for in leverage to get it legal for all in this country. But time will be the revealer of things to come on this subject.
  8. Pretty cool, still does not excuse them for all the terrible things they do however.

    Zionist pigs.
  9. I like how Israel acknowledges medical cannabis AFTER the USA basically cut ties with them. Maybe the US was keeping them from having MMJ and now they're just like "fuck it bro, what have we been doing?"
  10. #10 thatdudeukno, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2011

    Ya guys, let's all start doing lines of coke instead. /s
    US drug policies are fucking retarded.
    Maybe read the rules... it would be a good start

  11. Man the jewish people are on top of the whole pot game....seems like every jew i know smokes...and they guy who discovered thc was jewish....

  12. you're right....i notice that too

  13. Its funny but my really good friend is hardcore Jewish (just not a Zionist as i'd never befriend a Zionist) and his dealer was hardcore Jewish, I loved going to this guy for herb it was always legit and he never ripped me off.

    He never gave me extras either but the dude was fair, all he did was smoke a ton of pot and listen to grateful dead all day.
  14. שלום אני יהודי. ואתה יודע שאני מעשן הרבה מריחואנה. אהבה אחת. שלום.

  15. yep theres a reason mj is illegal here in the states and it's not because there's a "potential for abuse" I'll tell you that much.
  16. The only pig here is he who can't separate politics from science and culture.

  17. lol! one love :p

    Btw, please do not think I'm anti jew as I'm not I just have major issues with Zionism and the Israeli govt.

  18. Israel = Zionist Agenda. Period. There is no separation -Those Jewish friends I do have are very much anti Zionism and Israeli occupation. And despite a nation with many progressive thoughts it is not one anybody should think to admire anytime soon...
  19. Israel's people are for the most part genuine, kind, and very intelligent.

    Why don't you take your stereotyping behind say Zionist like it's a bad thing. Israelis are default zionists.

    All it means is hebrew self-determination. The fathers of modern Zionism dreamed of living alongside arabs, do not force feed all Israelis the bullshit of a few corrupt leaders.

  20. yep how can you really speak for ALL isrealis? thats like saying ALL germans were nazi's which is very untrue. all this is besides the point however.

    To the op this is some good news, and a big step in the right direction for cannabis on a global scale.

    Just think many years from now our descendants will look back on current mj policies and guffaw at their ridiculousness, and wonder WHY WHY WHY things were ever that way.

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