Israeli Gov. to debate whether to ban Arab MP

Discussion in 'Politics' started by J-DILLA, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Don't make Zoabi a hero - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews

    First of all, I fail to see how Israel has the tolerance to allow a traitor to run in the government. If a Jewish politician living in Iran, opposed the existence of it, you can be sure they would be beheaded asap.

    Hopefully she is banned from the next elections. The last thing Israel needs is such a politician.

    Bahaha, someone should slap this b*tch

  2. Didn't know they allowed animals in the knesset:rolleyes:

    [ame=]Zoabi gets violent - YouTube[/ame]
  3. @JDILLA what Israeli Party do you support.

    Anyways about the topic, this would be a step backwards for Israel if this lady can get elected and her party wants her let her run and let her stay in office. Yes she's an annoying stupid bitch, but no matter what she says she makes Israel look good, because it shows the amount of freedom even dissenting arabs are allowed in Israel. Very few governments in the world would put up with that vitrol, I don't even think the US would put up with it.

  4. There's so many to choose from, but I probably have to say Kadima.

    I agree totally. The fact that she's in office dismisses her claims of apartheid in Israel lol.

  5. I don't think Israel is an apartheid state. Show me the post please that says I do. Always trying to change the subject. :rolleyes:
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  9. ironic coming from you...
  10. Haneen Zoabi is a courageous woman who has put her life at risk by speaking out against the savagery of the pariah state of Israel. It is no surprise that the Israeli government and the rest of the nodding dogs in that pit of hate the knesset are doing all in their power to silence her.

    Beacon of democracy my ass.
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    Yet she's an Arab holding a post in the supposed "apartheid" Israeli government.....:rolleyes:

    The fact that she has been in the government for so long, despite denouncing the existence of Israel, shows how tolerant Israel is..

    I wonder what would happen to any other MP in say, Canada, America, or even any muslim country, denouncing it's existence.
  12. And yet a majority of arabs living today in and near east Jerusalem would rather live under Israeli law and jurisdiction than whatever the PA and Hamas have to offer?!

    Which is kind of important, as Israel is about to annex the area outright. It says a bit of who offers more freedom. Let us not forget, in the middle east, no muslim arab is as free as in Israel. It may not be perfect, but I don't see any streams of arab refugees from the supposed Israeli oppression to say Jordan or Egypt or Syria...
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    The Arabs that are living in Israel did not immigrate there. They have always lived there. Why should they leave ? It is there land.
    Not some American, British, Russian, etc etc Jews.

    They are treated as second class citizens and whilst they might have a more liberal and frankly easy life in a welfare state like Israel than in other countries in the region, they are not really equal.

    To enjoy it all in Israel one has to be a Jew.

  14. Racism happens worldwide. The fact that there are millions of Arabs that prefer to live in Israel than in neighbouring countries goes to show the discrimination isn't as bad as you make it out to be.

    Now, I wonder how much discrimination a Jew would get for openly practicing Judaism in muslim countries...
  15. I hate posting in these insipid topics, but as a non-Jew I did not see or experience any discrimination while in Israel or the West Bank. The Jews and Arabs of the area were very welcoming to me.

    I'm not claiming discrimination doesn't exist within the country, but if it does it is not widespread or rampant.

    The people there are just like everyone else, generally nice and just want peace.

    Israel has it's fair share of problems, but to claim it is an apartheid state is not only stupid, but ignorant of the history of apartheid.

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion though, I'm not about to try to convince anyone to change their beliefs. It's not going to happen. Why try... live and let live.

    These types of topics make me happy that I live where I do. A secular nation in which Jews and Muslims grow up in harmony, in peace.
  16. She should be banned from running in elections because her views aren't agreeable? If people want to vote her in, she should be allowed to stand for election. What is this? Putin's Russia?

  17. You are lucky that you live in a country where apartheid is not practiced Lenny.

    As a tourist i am sure that you saw the best that Israel and Palestine has to offer but may i ask have you any other links to the region ?
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    I was a tourist, but I didn't really go on official tourist destinations from tourist companies or anything like that. I have a few friends that live there. I stayed at one of their houses, lived like they would. I went to a lot of popular tourists spots, and went on many roads less traveled.

    If Israel was apartheid, Arabs (or any non Jew for that matter) wouldn't even be able to attempt to be in gov't. They wouldn't be able to associate with Jews at all, anywhere, for any reason. There were several instances where I should have been imprisoned for associating with Jews, if it was an apartheid state.

    If you want to make claims that they are discriminatory towards Arabs, then do that. But apartheid is a radical strictly enforced racial law. It doesn't exist in Israel. If you don't want to believe me, by all means don't. I'm unlikely to change your mind on this.

    You should just stick to the facts. I disagree with their takeover of the West Bank, and I do think they should answer to international crimes.

    I just don't think that the people there should have to suffer from what the government does, the people shouldn't have to be subjected to hate. In fact, I don't really think most of them are affected by it, they know more than both of us do about life there.

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