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Israel producing "High-less" Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Mikeferdy, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Medical Marijuana Progress in Israel

    The name of the strai given is called Avidekel and is said to contain 1% THC 16% CBD.

    [ame=]Tikun Olam - Medical Cannabis greenhouse -[/ame]
  2. lol.
    They called a scrog a SOG...

    All of that aside, wouldn't breed this strain or smoke it.

  3. That's because you're a 16 year old teen that doesn't know shit.

    Would breed AND consume this strain, if I could get my hands on it.

    "Old" pre 80s marijuana strains only contained about 3% THC and a high percentage of CBD, that's the reason most old schoolers don't like the "trippy high" they get from any modern strains, they aren't natural and have been bred out of their purpose by idiots looking for a stronger high.

  4. So wanting more THC makes you an idiot. You outta read up on THC then look in the mirror.

  5. Some modern strains feel more like crack than weed.
  6. Maybe to you. Maybe not to me or medi patients who need it. There is also this new fangled thing called dosage. Just funny you called most of the people on this site idiots for liking high THC strains.
  7. You either have some weak ass crack or the best fucking weed in the whole world

  8. Maybe for you, other people have tolerance and need higher percentages of the cannabinoid content to feel the desired effects, whatever they may be.

    Not to mention some people just have a higher capacity to function and handle themselves with drug usage. So even if you got a high tolerance, John Smith over here might be able to smoke 20%+ THC and just achieve high without letting it overwhelm him.

    But to the OP, interesting read. That is some potent weed. The CBD scene is blowing up. Strains like this will make it even easier to produce some nearly pure CBD oils, although they are doing a pretty good job given the current strains they use.
  9. I like 15% THC with 2% cbd strains...not too speedy and not too sleepy..juuuust right :)
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    Just wondering, why not? This would be amazing to help patients, and reverse a lot of stigma about the culture. I don't like when 'medicinal users' are only interested in getting their cards and looking for highest thc, thcv, etc. I have ptsd, mTBI from tours overseas and would love to not be overly high at work and other events. Now don't get me wrong, I do love my thc, but this life goes beyond impressing my friends with the trippiest of strains....

  11. Basically after you smoke it you are in a fetal position for 6 ours scared to death about the world coming down on you and thinking that everything is a conspiracy and they are out to get you and everyone knows you're high and it's just an extremely strong dysphoria feeling which happens because THC is psychotic.

    I have smoked strains all around the U.S., Canada, Amsterdam, Israel even got to try moroccan/lebanese hash, from personal experience the hash is the best because it hasn't been tempered with.
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    Again. Dosage. If you smoke the shit outta some strong ass weed that might happen to you. Dont forget not everyone is the same and it does not affect everyone just like it does you. If you dont like the feeling dont use it but calling others idiots makes you the idiot. How would you like it if i called you an idiot because you cannot handle high THC strains while others can. Lol.

  13. you lost all my respect from this post.

    don't type shit when you don't know the facts man, you comparing crack to weed has to be the dumbest comparison in the world.

    i will admit, there are some strains that just get me wayyyy too stoned for my own good but that just means i use it in smaller quantities and then i don't have that problem.

    now if your smoking an 8th-quarter ounce of skunk a day. I don't care what anyone says but when you smoke that much it does have some negative effects in the memory department. i used to smoke that much when i lived in cali and lets just say a lot of the time i was in a haze.

    now i'll smoke maybe 3-4 bowls a days if im on my own and a couple puffs from some blunts here and there when im out with people.

    weed nowadays is definitely wayyyyy more potent then what it should be, and that's coming from someone whose been smoking for 10 years
  14. I'd like to try it. But how can there be no high? CBD will make you feel chill as hell.

  15. [​IMG]
  16. Old people just can't handle weed I don't think it has to do with the actual's like how the older you get the less you like loud music..old person syndrome or OPS lol

  17. Keep being ignorant BRAHS.

    I wish the hippie era would be back and all the shit weed we had today would be replaced with the newly discovered one so we would all be chillll as fuckk.
  18. #18 angusbeef, Sep 5, 2012
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    Kinda offtopic but @super
    Who cares if people know you're high?

    I was in Portland after that occupy wall street(portland was occupied too) shit, kickin it down town the some locals on the street, ppl just chillin smokin' joints everywhere.. we were sitting on a park bench burnin one when two female police officers with dogs stroll by 10 yards away..just kept on walkin'

    People are blazing everywhere in the PNW.
    Grow or glass shops on every corner ...funny to watch the multitudes of different folks buyin supplies at the grow shops.

    Guess, its prolly different a lot of places..can't imagine things in non MMJ states.
  19. Excellent. Not that I don't like getting lifted, but this has been needed by a lot of people, for a long time.

    Well done Israeli scientists/breeders. :hello:
  20. maybe now their government can adjust it's near-fascist medical authorization process, so people don't need to be practically dead before they can take a hit
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