Israel-Palestine Conflict: Grisly Evidence Of Israels 1948 Expulsion Of Palestinians Uncovered

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Swills, Jun 2, 2013.

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    Odd that this story isn't getting much attention in the press, but maybe it will as time goes on :rolleyes:
    maybe it's because most fair-minded people understand that both sides committed atrocities during that time, and realize that throwing more feces over what happened 65 years ago isn't going to help bring peace to either side.
  4. Maybe, but it should be news that mass graves were discovered in Israel containing the bodies of Palestinian men, women, and children. 
    first, there's no proof that these graves contained bodies that were killed by Israelis.
    second, "Six mass graves with the remains of dozens of Palestinians killed during the Israeli-Arab war of 1948
    - yea, in war people die you know. also many Israeli's killed in that war.
    and last, the Palestinians are the ones who's started that war when they didn't accept the UN path. they could choose go the legal way but they choose to kill innocent civilians.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^
    Oh for the days when you could kill those pesky Palestinians and have all the evidence buried before some annoying person turned up with a camera and slandered the righteous good name of that beacon of all things fantastic Israel...
  7. ^^^^
    your opinion only.
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    No proof you say? You're just assuming this but you could be right, although you could be wrong.
    On a side note, I can't help but notice the banner "Who is the hell is Dima?", and I wonder, are you a Dima cheerleader or Dima's alt account or are we able to change our screen name? What's doing?
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    yeap, its all "could be" until there's no proof...
    about the name, when I signed in to this site it was nothing about politics. it was 100% mj and medical info as you could see in my first posts here.. no real names used on this subject online or anywhere else - so dima just came out.... (today I don't care much about this subject)
    one day I searched "Israel" to see who's from my area, and then read some threads full of lies about Israel in the politics section that I didn't know exists.. then everything changed and you know the rest...
    my real name is Tom... nice to meet you. you can call me anyway you want, it doesn't matter much online.
    ps- you have 1 change of your name you can use on this site.
  10. Yeah man, that's how I found my way to this site. Learning more about medical marijuana and how to grow it. Thanks to this site I grew plants successfully, even though I ran into some failures but when I did this site was here to guide me thanks to the Plant Problems forum. Then I found Pandoras Box and spent a lot of time in there until I found the Politics section. 
    My name is Joe, nice to meet ya Tom. 
    its amazing how I read your comment about mj and having a smile on my face in no time, this stuff brings people together so easy. everyone should smoke and all will be in place, specially our leaders. it will never happen in our time but its always nice to think about that. 
    nice to meet you Joe. ;)
  12. I hear you my friend and I agree wholeheartedly. Maybe one day this planet will know peace, well, we humans will know peace. We haven't learned it yet but we gotta keep trying. 
  13. Where's jdilla at?

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  14. Wait for it..
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    Are you serious Swills? What's the matter, you guys persecuting dima or something? Is he in exile or fleeing from the forums or something? Haha.
    Such rubbish. The Palestinians deserve it, the hateful lot of them. Jewry is justified, and once again the faults and bad decisions of Palestinian leadership reflect negatively on the Jewish state.
  16. Hahaha, Jewery!
  17. You're racist and for now on I will ignore all your posts.

    Good day sir!
    Now that ^^ reflects what GrassCity is all about. :smoke:
  19. Hi, I'm TJ


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