Israel Government Accepts The Medical Use Of Marijuana.

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  1. Israeli Government Officially Recognizes The Therapeutic Value Of Cannabis

    This is great news another country added to the list :yay:
  2. This means we're breaking ties with Israel, right?

    Lets apply the same consistency of justice plateaued across the board.
  3. Fuck. Yes. Bahaha!

  4. Hahaha YEA RIGHT.

    This us great fucking news! The US doesn't have the balls to go against Israel. This can only mean good things for the u.s. This is the best news I have ever read on this section!
  5. Good news for the US, but fuck Israel.

  6. What's wrong with Israel
  7. That was more forwarded toward the Israeli Government and not the Israeli people in general.
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    Israel has actually had medical marijuana since 1998 (one year after California) and the program has been working effectively since 2005.

    The only problem is that prescriptions are hard to get, as in it's mostly limited to patients with terminal illnesses, but I hear that's the same in a lot of US states and it might change in the future.

    Why not learn about the conflict from all angles before parroting mindless hatred?

    In fact, it's probably better for you to remain silent on the subject altogether. It's pretty much impossible to understand what's happening in the Middle East from California, even if you were to spend all day reading about it.
  9. QFT. Or from anywhere in the US.

  10. Lol, I am from the Middle East and my family has been through all of the wars in Lebanon, so don't be so quick to say anything.

    Fuck Israel and fuck the Zionist jews.
  11. Well to quote frankie boyle (scottish comidian) when he broke down the palistine/isralie conflict....." palistine is a nice big cake...... a big cake thats gettin punched the fuck out off by a very angry jew".
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    Hey man it's fine to have your opinion bro (maybe cuz Israel won?) but keep the hatred out bro. This is a good thing.

  13. Well they cant be that bad if there legalizing medical marijuana.
  14. So so happy! Bonus? I'm moving to Israel in a few years, so I can't wait now... finally!
    And vaheb, no one cares about your racist little chant.
  15. So how's the MMJ effort in Lebanon going?
  16. does this mean the US will change its stance soon? since we are israels lap dog in every other aspect.
  17. FUnny how the ISRAELI government can acknowledge the medicinal value of pot, but ours still throws temper tantrums whenever the issue is brought up and compares pot to heroin.

  18. Under law it is "illegal," but every time i've been there, I light up joints with police officers and no one gives a fuck.
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    I think their are many more things to base off a government, other than the legalization of MMJ lol, but whatever I'm done ranting and I hope US politicians start to pull their heads out of their asses and open their eyes.
  20. Hopefully this will make the US change their mind, then Israel will legalise, then the UK, then the rest of the world... we're moving up :)

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