Israel endorses first university in West Bank

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  1. Condemed internationally, even by Israel's closest allies.

    Israel endorses first university in West Bank - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

  2. The Pariah state continues to eat itself slowly...
  3. Meanwhile, in the rest of the Middle East, governments are persecuting their own people....Yet Israel is the "pariah" state":rolleyes:

    Israel's neighbours could learn a thing or two about education being a priority rather than religion.
  4. They don't persecute their own people... Just the Palestinians...

  5. Actually, Syria persecutes both their own people and Palestinians.
  6. Syria aren't the ones starving people in the Gaza Strip...
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  10. Apartheid was tried once and failed, it won't work again. Israel is just trying to buy time, but will ultimately fall to the Palestinian's most powerful weapon:

    The Womb

  11. How is Israel apartheid when 20% of it's population consists of Arabs?

  12. Who have voting rights and who are represented in the Knesset. Many of whom are gay and have fled to Israel because they would be murdered in Palestine or any other Muslim country. Thanks to the BARBARIC CULT known as Islam.
  13. Yea, i can also see a mass of people leaving Egypt soon... Theres goes democracy to the trash there.
    Good news to Ariel city! Its not a new university but now its official!

  14. The cult of Judaism is just as twisted and barbaric as the cult of Islam.

  15. I'm an atheist. And Judaism has many issues especially the Orthodoox. But I would have to disagree and call the assertion laughable. Just look how the women are treated a lone in Islam, just look how pedophilia is treated in Islam, honor killings, stonings, suicide bombings. Its one of the big reasons I am a non interventionist. How do you relate to a people who are collectively living in the 10th Century, you just can't, its always going to end in conflict.

  16. I do not believe israel is an apartheid state (that would be as fucking stupid as these Israel topics) but that's not a good argument. when apartheid in South Africa was in effect probably 75% of the population was black.
  17. An extreme and frankly twisted book from a couple of thousands of years ago is the basis for Judaisms claim to Israel.

    The extreme factions of Judaism are as bad as anything Islam has to offer. Just take a look at the Israeli settlers ( religious fanatic extremists ) and their weird and twisted ways. If given half a chance they would have their own form of sharia Law.
  18. lol, as much as I am against organized religion, there is little truth in your comment.

    Just look at what Islam is shaping Europe into; basically middle east 2.0..

    As it currently stands, there is no muslim country that offers the same freedoms and equality that the only Jewish country in the world offers (considering Israel has only been around for 64 years).

    But yea, any extremist faction of any religion is made up of nutjobs lol.
  19. Muslim countries? What about Turkey, Albania, Morocco? Seriously man, why discriminate?

    And by the why, I believe NO country should be labeled towards a certain religion (like mid east countries, israel, certain christian nations, ect.). It all leads to discrimination, prejudice, and bullshit.
  20. Israel to build 942 more settler homes - Middle East - Al Jazeera English


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