Israel Eases Ban Building Material into Gaza

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  1. This was a part of the cease fire deal. I guess Israel felt threatened by those rockets that could hit Tel Aviv.

    But nice of Israel to allow Gazans to have dirt. I wonder if they sift through the gravel for thowable sized stones first? :D

    Jokes aside, it is nice to see Israel living up to this agreement at least.

    Israel eases ban on Gaza building material - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

  2. Good to see Israel delivering on their commitments signed up to in their truce with Hamas.
    Then again the pariah state had no choice with the eyes of the world now watching their every move.
  3. They been smuggling rockets for years, the last op have nothing to do with this decision.

  4. They have new rockets that can reach much further into Israel. Yes, it had something to do with it. Israel wasn't prepared for that. No doubt that are doing that now however.
  5. Israel didn't prepare for that ? Are u sure? ... Think again.
  6. Does this mean Hamas will end calls for the destruction of Israel?

  7. Trippers clearly knows more than you, an Israeli:rolleyes:

  8. I know. :eek:
    The cheek of Trippers to think he knows more than a citizen and very vocal supporter of the most loving, caring, fantastic democracy in the world.

    Israelis always speak the truth and are not fanatical supporters of a brutal apartheid regime.:)
  9. Haneen Zoabi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Balad (political party) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Arab Democratic Party (Israel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Also, I love the fact you stress Israel is the most loving, caring, fantastic democracy in the world. Do muslim countries hold the spot for the most loving, caring, fantastic theocracies and dictatorships in the world?


    The whole Israeli Apartheid thing seems to have been well done already.

    Israeli Fanatical Supporter No. 1 excuse/apology = Stress how bad Muslim countries are compared to the shining light that is Israel. (except if you are a non Jew)
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    Thanks for using one of my threads as an example:cool:

    Notice that most of the anti-israel commenters on those threads were banned? I wonder why it's always them who get banned...

    Anywho, as long as there are Arabs serving in the Israeli government, your claims of apartheid are false..

    What still baffles me, is why there are over 2 million Arabs who prefer to live in "apartheid Israe"l (lol), than in neighbouring countries....
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    Well according to two posts he made today, he isn't aware that there was/is a blockade on Gaza by Israel and he wasn't aware that Netanyahu threatned military action against Iran publically. So no, he isn't well informed. :p

  13. Brainwashing, right?
  14. I doubt that they fear longer range rockets, the longer the range of the rocket, the higher the success rate of iron dome. Seems like progress though.
  15. I don't think they fear them, Israel just wasn't aware that Hamas possessed these new further reaching rockets. But now they know.
  16. Let's hope they don't use the materials for building bombs, IED's, etc.
  17. Yeah those darn gravel rockets and gravel ieds!
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    There is no blockage, the boarders are open for almost any goods. and IDF can check whatever comes in to make sure theres no firearms.

    Second, Iran was the first to threat on Israel, Bibi saying was the reply to Ahmanijad talks.

    You need to get your facts right... Your news only tells you part of the story.

  19. You seem to have forgotten that those Arabs were there always. "Israel" is their country. They were born there and have always lived there.

    Why should they have to leave ?

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