Israel Defense Ministry apologizes for strip search of pregnant New York Times photog

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  1. Israel Defense Ministry apologizes for strip search of pregnant New York Times photographer | Yahoo!


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    So who sucks more? Israeli soldiers or the TSA? Both are run by their Gov't, so there's that :laughing: Ah this world we live in is fucked up. We are one huge, 7 billion strong, dysfunctional family.
  2. She would be so proud. :devious:

  3. thats a creepy look shes giving...
  4. She was not 'groped".

    It's her job, as a reporter, and at Gaza there's heavy security. Nobody forced her to go there. Why should she be exempt from the X-Ray and search when everybody else has to get them from time to time? The scanner is safe for humans, even while pregnant, and if she didn't want to do it then she shoudn't have gone there.
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    You must have missed this part I posted in the above quote,

    I'm not even gonna start to pretend I know how airport security operates there but I'll assume security is tight, very fucking tight. That said,

    she was forced through the machine three times as soldiers 'watched and laughed from above.

    she was forced through the machine three times as soldiers 'watched and laughed from above.

    do I really need to go on about how this is wrong or do you just enjoy defending the wackiest shit with the lamest arguments? Sometimes when I read your posts I'm like


    Believe it or not there are other ways to deal with this situation and these 3 Israeli guards, and whoever else was involved, clearly are failures, bullies, sadistic, and least of all, professional. They are a fucking disgrace and Israel's own Defense Ministry is apologizing, and who knows, maybe she'll get some sort of compensation under the table.

    The TSA says the new X ray machines aren't harmful to pregnant women. But, then again, fuck the TSA,

    Is it safe to walk through airport screening machines while I'm pregnant?
    Backscatter X-ray | Wikipedia

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    She was not "forced" to do anything, if she did not want to go through, while pregnant or otherwise, then SHE DID NOT HAVE TO.

    She's either pretty thin-skinned, or going through homonal problems, when she saw some soldiers laughing, probably not even about her, and went ballistic about it later on. It was made to sound like they were trying to humiliate her, and I really, really doubt that. She was NOT naked or any such thing at the scanning machine. The search, perfomed in private by a female airline security employee, was only conducted because the machine was malfunctioning.

    This was a non-event, she's making the big bucks and shouldn't even have been there if she's so worried about her fetus.

    The only reason that this story is even in the news is because it's about Israel and a pregnant reporter.

    A female reporter recently came back from covering the uprisings in Egypt with a cast on her arm, thanks to their police, but this preggo nonsense warrants a whole thread?
  7. I'm not even gonna argue with you.

    Please garrison, do go on



  8. Fine, I'll say it again.

    There's nothing to this story, she was treated fine but because of the anti-Israeli press the Israeli government apologized - bascially for nothing. She was not knocked down, interrogated, beaten, spit on, insulted, arrested, or even forced to strip or go through a scanner, it was VOLUNTARY - she was inconvenienced because a machine at the airport was broken, and because she's a pregnant NY Times reporter, she expects to be treated like royalty.

    She could have had contraband, or even a bomb, under her clothing - it's been done before.

    Ultra-sensitive fucking people should not take reporting jobs in the Middle East.
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    Still not gonna argue with just gonna point out some corrections that are needed.

    Ministry of Defense (Israel) | Wikipedia

    These guys are telling a pregnant women they are sorry.

    And she was forced to strip, after she was marched through the X ray scanner 3 times against her will while being laughed at.

    Your attention to detail is lacking.

    I also wanna point out that Lynsey Addario is a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times photographer, so I would assume she has press credentials and she told them who she is. A quick internet search would provide much information about her, right? Could she have bombs on her pregnant ass? I'm going with No. So again, this entire situation could have been handled much differently. It's clear these 3 Israeli soldiers are sadistic people that need to be discharged asap. If these were US Military personal they'd be discharged asap if this proved true. But, this is what happens when you make people join the military. You get all types.

    Well, it's secret the state of Israel is not at all liked in the Middle East, so of course they need strict, cruel, security measures and that's because they are constantly under attack. Even with that pressure I would still not have handled that situation as those 3 Israeli soldiers did, and I bet ya just about everyone reading this thread would agree with me.


    Out of curiosity, do you support the state of Israel and/or the TSA?
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    This is the GAZA STRIP, for crissakes! And she was not, I repeat NOT, "forced" to do anything, she could have walked away at any point she wanted to - but she CHOSE not to.

    This person thinks that she deserves special treatment, and that she is better than the rest of us. I'm sorry that the Israeli ministry apologized, they were probably under pressure due to bad press - which they're receiving despite the unnecessary apology.

    It's amazing how people get suckered into believing that this woman was abused when there's no evidence whatsoever of it. Any average person would have expected to be searched as she was, in private by a member of their own sex, if the scanning machine was not functioning.

    Journalists such as Chris Matthews, who not only is a very large man but far more famous than she is, get searched at airports all the time and they don't cry about it.

    Edit: I do not have any support or non-support of Israel, I don't know enough about it. They're right about some things, and wrong about others, just like we are. I believe that the TSA should institute profiling at airports, which would cut down on time spent searching and scanning people who are not likely to be a threat.

    Do you support the state of Egypt, where they broke a female reporter's arm recently, and sexually assaulted her?
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    So please, tell me where you got your information that says she wasn't forced? Says here she was,

    There is this,
    But as far as they are concern this woman was thoroughly searched, and after all, it IS GAZA!!!one!!1111!!! So yeah, technically the search followed procedures in their eyes.

    So what you're trying to say is this woman is lying and possibly looking for attention?


    Should babies be eating popcorn?
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    I really don't care, she was not "forced" to do anything, she was there of her own free will and had the opportunity to leave at any time.

    Then there's this:

    Not quite the same thing, or do you think it is?

  13. This. Not to mention, when you're in a region where pregnant women, children, or whatever they can use, are used to smuggle in bombs and weapons to kill innocent civilians then someone being pregnant means nothing. But tell the same story to stoned American armchair moralists and its an outrage. People need to remember they have the FREEDOM of speech but that doesn't make what they say any less ridiculous.
  14. Right you are, and I even mentioned the fact that she could have been carrying a bomb or contraband.


  15. We can't just defend everything that governments do in the name of safety and security. At some point their "safety measures" will kill you and deform your children.

    I dare you to Google the term 'DU BABY' and click on the IMAGES tab. Go ahead; I dare you.

    I double dare you to do it. All of you.

    You'll need a strong stomach.

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    Ahh I skipped over that part. Someone said something one time that I can't forget... "You made the Israeli war machine, now you can eat sand." Ahhhh I love it. :smoke:

    Maybe if 1000 more Muslims or anti-israelis say they can't wait for the opportunity to annihilate all of the Jews, maybe then they'll liberalize their security measures. :rolleyes:
  17. Nobody gives a crap about weapons that kill innocent civilians. Those weapons were made in the US and shipped to Israel. Isreal has more weapons than the rest of the Middle East combined.

    Have yourself another body scan or two. Breath your barium salts. Eat your aspartame and drink your fetus flavored Pepsi.

    Now that will make you safe. :rolleyes:

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    Put down the bong, Max, I mean it sincerely. You talk about Israeli weapons as if that's a bad thing. They must be heavily armed and relentless in their fight against their adversaries. Of course you want them weak and defenseless like they were during WW2 so someone can have a chance to wipe them out once and for all. And you know nothing of my diet, just rambling. Again, give the bub a rest man.

  19. Actually it's the Zionists and the Illuminati who intend to depopulate the brown people. They are the ones who build all those weapons and destabilize the region for their own agenda.

    But still we know from the Bible where the battle of Armageddon will be fought. A lot of people around the globe are going to get a heavy dose of X-ray. I'm sure you wont mind a bit.

    Your diet comes from the same place everyone else's does.

    It's the law

    There is no escaping the depopulation agenda. Most of us won't be around in a short while. Sit back and enjoy the ride while you still can. If you travel ask to be scanned several times. We can't be too careful.

    Translation: A lot of people are going to die under the guise of humanitarianism and the US tax payer foots the bill.

    DSD :: Resources - Publications - Core Publications


  20. Skipped your irrelevant rambling that clearly demonstrated the capability of Cannabis to induce severe paranoia in some people (not taking jabs at you, it happens to me to which is why I recently took a tolerance break and have since reduced my dosage) and in large enough doses. Look I've been on the conspiracy theory train before, just give it a rest. It's not healthy. Every single person on this earth won't be around in a "short while". You are a Christian right? Dontcha know this life is vapor so it's kind of redundant to run around with your head cut off screaming the world is going to end. I know. We're going to die. The best we can do as Christians is hold onto our faith that we'll end up in a better place when it happens. Sorry bro but I'm not going to be persuaded just because you overwhelm me with random Youtube videos. :confused_2:

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