Israel calls for Mubarak to be supported...

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  1. Israel 'fears' post-Mubarak era - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

    I think it is quite clear how Egyptians will view Israels pleas for support for Mubarak the Dictator...

    With disgust and hatred...;)
  2. looks like Israel needs to stfu.

  3. and gtfo
  4. unless they show tits, but that's probably not gonna happen.
  5. Well of course, they don't want the Muslim Brotherhood or something coming in there and fucking with them. And they basically lose one of their major Allies in the Mid-East at the same time.
  6. What makes you think the Muslim Brotherhood will get in ?

    What is happening in Egypt is not a religious revolution. The people of Egypt are sick and tired of living under an oppressive regime...

    Egyptians want democracy.

    The US MSM has tried to portray what is happening in Egypt as an Islamic revolution.

    It is not.

    It is a revolution led by educated young Egyptians...
  7. I don't think that, but that's what Israel obviously thinks.

    I think its just a regular Revolution, though most on FAUX News believe otherwise. I'm pretty sure the American Liberal MSM has overall been pretty supportive of this revolution for the most part, though I don't watch MSM save what my Gramps puts on(Faux News). I like that if I don't agree with your view I watch MSM though, what are you Dronetek in disguise?:p:laughing:

  8. lol...:D

    Easy Tut...:smoke:

    Did not mean that as such but i will take it as a compliment to be compared to the "King" of the MSM exposers...;)
    I think though that Drone would be pissed to be associated with me...:)

    Israel can think whatever the fuck it wants... What happens in Egypt is none of its business...
  9. The Iranian revolution in 1997 didn't start as a religious revolution. It was a secular revolution and look at where Iran is now.

    I'm not saying this is going to happen in Egypt, but I do consider it a possible outcome.

    I'm not sure the Muslim Brotherhood would even be so bad. If they truly support democracy and limited terms, they can be voted out as soon as they step out of line.
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    Well that's true and false. I'll make an analogy, for us Americans its like if there was a Revolution in Mexico or Canada. While true its none of our business, our close borders, trade agreements, relative size of the country itself and unknown whether someone is pulling the strings behind the curtains(what Israel is probably thinking) would be a cause of concern for us.

    Only for Israel its worse because they lack any real allies in the Mid-East, and what semblance of an Ally they had in Egypt might be gone after this Revolution is over. But hey you brought up the thread about what Israel thinks man, not me.;)

  11. Well perhaps Israel needs to start building bridges with its neighbors rather than antagonizing them...

    The fact it is now known that Israel are pushing Western governments to back Mubarak is yet another barrier to peace in the Middle East.

    The people of Egypt will now see Israel as their enemy...
  12. I think Israel is scared because Gaza as well as Israel borders Egypt.

    Egypt has worked with Israel to guard Gaza's borders. Israel might loose some of those priveliges.
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    As history shows us, the Sinai peninsula has been a hotspot since the 1950s for militant Muslim Brotherhood, Izzedne Al-Qassam brigades, and the like, to wage war on Israeli and Egyptian civillians.

    This part is really important: the peace treaty Israel forged with Egypt in 1979 meant a strict military eye be kept in the Sinai to make sure it is not being used for Palestinian suicide and backhanded warfare.

    Already, now that the Egyptian dictatorship is critically wounded and about to die of blood loss, militants have been infiltrating the Sinai from Gaza and other places, and shooting up and killing Egyptians in several places there.

    Israel is very justly concerned about its peace treaty with Egypt being overturned by the Muslim Brotherhood, the original godfathers of Hamas, whose general biblically infantile goal is to destroy the Jews and turn Israel into a Waqf. Guarding Israel's massive border with Egypt is going to be a hard task and will require many of the country's young men and women go protect their borders, their lives at stake.

    As for calling for Mubarak to be supported, that would be the Al-Jazeera spin. The same Al Jazeera that fabricated Lebanon War photos to make Israel look bad. The same Al-Jazeera that humiliated the moderate Palestinian leadership by revealing to the loonie masses that Saeb Erakat and Salam Fayyad dared to negotiate fairly with Israel.

    The truth behind the matter is that Israel wants peace, not war. It is rightfully frightened that the Muslim Brotherhood, committed to Israel's destruction would take over - El Baradei is considered a foreigner and a fake hero by the Egptian masses, and Muslim Brotherhood is the most highly organized opposition group to Mubarak's now-defunct National party. The OP insists that this is not an Islamic revolution, and while that is correct, this response is a red herring. The source of the strife doesn't change a thing about the matter of fact of which opposition group is the most organized and represents the most people. That would be the Muslim Brotherhood.

    But the OP has not kept his hate for Israel a secret. It is hardly a surprise that Israel's legitimate existential fear is being propped up, and taken out of context to make it look bad. You're learning from Al-Jazeera, I see, not a surprise that's your source for Israel news - the most biased company against it in the whole spectrum of international news.

  14. Al-Jazeera is quoting from Haaretz an Israeli newspaper as you know well duddude..

    Israel urges world to curb criticism of Egypt's Mubarak - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

    Haaretz dude...:)
  15. Misquoted. Israel urged people to criticize him less, that is far different from urging that Mubarak be supported, as your thread title claims. Maybe instead of going through al-Jazeera, known for its bias, you should have quoted the Haaretz article yourself. They are clearly concerned that the peace treaty will be broken. If you looked at Haaretz instead of al-Jazeera, you also would have seen that 80% of the articles on the front page were Israelis calling for the Egyptian people to be supported directly, . Not even in the backhanded way that Al-Jazeera is trying to spin here.

    It is also a shame that you ignored the rest of my post, I debunked some of your allegations in there.
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    Misquoted my arse...
    Read the article that i linked in the OP... Al jazeera linked the same article from Haaretz...

    As for your debunking...:)
    Your obvious bias and hatred of all things Islamic has obviously clouded your judgement once again dear dude...

    Do you seek to deny the people of Egypt the right to have free and fair elections because you do not agree with the Brotherhoods views on Israels treatment of the Palestinian people ?

    The Muslim Brotherhood is not the demon you attempt to paint it as...
    I invite you to have a look at its website and read some of the statements there on. The Brotherhood are not a threat to the West.
  17. Do you feel the heat? It feels like another flame war:hello:, I'll go grab my popcorn.
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    Perhaps you should PM everybody on this thread and warn them, again ?

    This is a debate... No flaming here...
  19. It is clear you had no response of intellectual merit to the several points I brought up, so you have resorted to petty, ridiculous mud-flinging. "Hatred of all things Islamic"... fucking sad bro :(

    Wow dude, I don't even know how to address this nonsensical post of yours. I never said anything about myself, or denying anyone's rights to anything. All I said in my post, was that Israel is afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood revoking the peace treaty and attacking Israel from the Sinai, which as I also explained and you ignored, has been the case all the way until the treaty was signed.

    Additionally, the Muslim Brotherhood is not committed to Israel's destruction because of its "treatment" of the palestinians. Palestinians are treated better in Israel than they are in Egypt itself, or Jordan or Lebanon or Kuwait or Syria for that matter, and they are not trying to destroy all those countries. The Muslim Brotherhood's beef with Israel is purely religiously anti-Semitic, they think it is their God Allah's plan for them to eradicate the Jews and, as I already said and you ignored, to turn Israel into an entirely Islamic province.

    I have not been making any "attempts," nor have I been painting anything. I have been making factually correct statements that apparently you are unable to refute, so instead you accuse me of hating everything that has to do with Islam, an immature tactic, cousin of the ad hominem.

    We are talking about Israel, not the "West." They are sworn to Israel's destruction and they have a militant wing, hence by definition they are a legitimate threat to the safety of the ISraeli civillians they target.

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