Israel bans Palestinians from using the same public transport as Jews

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  1. The Israeli government has banned Palestinians from using the same buses as Jews in the West Bank.

    "Following intense pressure from settlers, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon has issued a directive that bans Palestinian workers from traveling on Israeli-run public transportation in the West Bank.

    The decision contradicts the stance of the Israel Defense Forces, which does not view the presence of Palestinians on West Bank buses as a security threat.
    The Samaria Settlers' Committee and local Jewish authorities have conducted an aggressive campaign in recent years aimed at banning Palestinian workers from public transportation used by Israelis in the West Bank."

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    I mean what can you really say? I keep trying to show people the flaws of thinking in group mentality, this is a result of the "us vs them" mentality. The fact that their cultural and religious backgrounds are so emphasised proves how stupid and sad this whole thing really is.
    I hope one day many generations from now, we can all collectively laugh at our selves for being so naive. And for placing so much importance on something that is so insignificant.
    Didnt Hitler start similar bans on based on enthnicity? just goes to show you, you dont learn from history, you repeat it.
  3. It might seem insignificant Rotties but segregating buses is no laughing matter for the Palestinian people.

    The self righteous Israeli claims of equal rights for all are well and truly rubbished now.

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  4. Thought viruses run rampant in faith based communities subconsciously changing or reinforcing their beliefs and some bad ideas begin to sound good.
  5. No they are not banned from using public transportation. This simply means they all need to enter and exit Israel from the same crossing.

    Understandable given the recent terror attacks against Israelis.
  6. This move is to facilitate the Israeli settlers who have campaigned for this for years because they cannot bare to sit beside Palestinians on buses.

    Blatant bigots pandered to by the bigoted Israeli state.

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  7. Settlers demanding greater security is not the same as settlers calling for segregation.

    Israels security will always come before Palestinian self determination.

    You are fully aware of the recent terror attacks against Israelis.
  8. *Yawn* Another insane day in a insane part of the world that very few other then lip service actually care about. Just like all the Chinese workers who slave to make the worlds electronics. I sure see people in droves stopping all use of that when literally EVERYTHING is made by them. There work week is 60-80 hours a week for about 1 dollar per hour. They live where they work, stay in hot racks meaning when you go to bed the guy just got out of that bed to work the other hours. Some of the places are so bad they put sucidie nets around the facilities but we all gotta have our iPhone, Laptops etc somehow!
  9. Not liable to be in thier buses, therefore care not one jot.
  10. You would defend this....

    How ironic that Israel is becoming the next nazi Germany

  11. Ron Prosor, Israeli Ambassador to the UN is talking live right now. He just said Jews have a divine right to Israel and held up the bible. He used stories from the bible as evidence. 
    Sorry, off topic a bit, just didn't want to start another thread.  :bongin:
  12. And the same hypocrite would be slamming Jihad Joe for believing there are 72 virgins waiting for him...

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    Settlers have been campaigning for years to have what they view as undesirables (Palestinians) to not be allowed use the same public transport as them...

    No amount of hasbara will whitewash this J...

    "MK Moti Yogev, of the pro-settler Habayit Hayehudi party, criticized the current policy after riding on one such bus. “Riding these buses is unreasonable. They are full of Arabs," he said."

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     I meant dividing humans based on religious views or which geographical location you were born in, we divide our selves based on insignificant characteristics that are only relevant based on how much we choose to make them relevant.
    Segregation is very significant, and its rooted in ignorance. Choose education my friend and try to educate those that are willing to listen to reason and critical thinking. But dont fall into the same division traps, Otherwise this stupidity will never cease to exist.
  15. Think of it like a chemical reaction :

    You run over innocent Jews, expect security to be ramped up. Pretty simple.

    Don't like it? Don't go around driving over babies.
  16. More like this is a response for the recent terror attacks in Jerusalem against Israelis.

    Palestinians should think twice before shooting themselves in the foot, as those sort of acts only make Israel more reluctant to cede land to the Arabs.
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    This campaign to segregate public transport in the West Bank has been running for years.

    The Israeli settlers cannot bare to have to travel on the same buses as Palestinians.

    You can make up as much hasbara as you want J, there is no excuse for segregation.

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    Well what a coincidence no?
    2 innocent Israelis run down last week. Riots endangering the lives of ordinary Israelis.
    The logical thing to do is to limit the flow of potential threats by making them take different bus routes.
  20. Woooohoooo were going back in time. Fucking Dumb this world is.

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