isopropyl alchohol

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by deicide, Sep 17, 2001.

  1. right ok. in order to make resin i know you need isopropryl alcohol. what that fuck is this?!?!
    where can i get it from, under what name (im from england) and would i be able to buy it? (im only 15.....)
    sorry im a super newbie with a plant thats 4cm high :)
  2. i can clear one thing up for you,BUT um, maybe you'd better do somemore reading.!!! well and Waiting.
    what your asking about is rubbing alcohol for cuts and disinfecting. sold in the states for 50 cents anywhere. you might want to search your store isles by the bandaids. :)
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  3. thanks alot!
    hey just cuz im 15 it doesnt mean i cant grow my own even thoguh ive a lot to learn , it stops me being ripped off what happens far too much
    thanks very much
  4. Another thing to remember is that isopropyl alcohol is VERY FLAMMABLE. Please be careful and study real hard before attempting to make resin. If you are going to make it, please be sober and don't set your house on fire.
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  5. i was comming back to add that i SWEAR ;)
    thanks mr puff for covering ma butt with the occifer
  6. How about normal alcohol C2H5OH, the stuff you drink
    or CH3OH cleaning alcohol. (makes you blind and is poison)
    Ethyl and Methyl alcohol. Easy to obtain and not expensive
  7. thanks everyone im grateful for your help :)
  8. Thx everyone, but lets try to remember to be 100% nice to our Junior members.

    Mickey.T :D
  9. b.t.w. i don't mean you should drink the methyl, but
    you can use it for dissolve the resin and evaporate the
  10. I have used Everclear buy it at the package/liquor store.Good ol' grain alcohol.

    But yes..I agree..don't do anything until you study up on the process.

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