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  1. Anybody ever wish they could completely isolate themselves with unlimited amounts of weed, forever?
  2. Yes, without the isolating myself part.
  3. Lol, I suppose
  4. Sounds infinitely better than my current position.
  5. I feel sorry for you if you think that would be a better situation than whatever you're in. Think about true isolationism. No TV, no internet, no music, nothing. And what? Would you be on some deserted island? Sounds fun but even with unlimited food what happens when you're out exploring stoned off your ass and break a leg by yourself? So fucked.

    When I want to isolate myself I just chill in my bedroom with some herb, some snacks, and some music. Once high, I throw on a DVD I haven't watched in awhile and smoke a bit more. Awfully self-indulgent, but sometimes you just got to relax you know?

    -Thinking about it more, I can see the appeal that this isolationism could have, but forever? Nah.
  6. That's a horrible idea,what makes weed fun is the way it
    changes my perception of everyday things and situations.

    Of course the body effects are nice too but I think smoking
    weed in isolation just to smoke is kinda boring.

    Idk seems like you have a problem to me.
  7. Wait wtf forever???


    As much as I hate people...

    I love you guys. :love:

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