Isolating Cbd? Anyway To Do It?

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  1. Ok so ive been growing a few CBD rich strains to begin with and want to know if theres anyway I can isolate and extract just the CBD. Im guessing it would take a lab setting and I have looked all over the internet to find inconclusive information on this topic. Any knowledge anyone has please share!

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    You would need an incredibly good lab, and technician to help you out here.
    We're talking about hardcore bio-chemical extraction techniques here.
    In other words, there is no chance in hell you could achieve this.
  3. if you grow hemp and make concentrate from it, it would be very high in cbd
  4. Ask the Bill Nye the Science Guy
  5. Although I agree with BadKittySmiles and his vapourizer techniques(cannabidiol (CBD) Flash Point: 206.3 C (403.34 F)..) I'd still be looking for a herb with high concentrates of CBD to start with, as above go looking thru a field of Hemp, would be a great start

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