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Isolated Clone/Mother Chamber

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by DT4, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I am building a separate, light sealed chamber within my grow room for mothers and clones. Right now I just have a 2-Tube Hood with S5 Grow Tubes on a timer running 20 on, 4 off. Will this be sufficient to grow mothers and clones or do I need more lighting? Also, how should I ventilate the box to get the environment similar to the rest of the grow room? I'm thinking of placing an intake port at the bottom, and an exhaust fan at the top that will simply circulate air from the grow room through the box and back out. Is this going to work?

    NOTE: Only the top half of the closet will be sealed off, eventually there will either be a small door installed below, or the adjoining room will become part of the grow room.

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  2. im not sure dt4, what those s5 tube looks like ? its just like a fluorescent long tube that got like everywhere in some shop or it have the some spec on them
    if you want some good clone, then give your mother some good light and nute, keep a healty mother to have some good clones.
  3. Right now I'm not even cloning or growing from seed, I just want my mother's to stay healthy. The S5's were some sort of full spectrum grow light at home depot - was basically the best flourescent tubes they had at the time. I don't know the specs, but I'm not particularly attached to them if they aren't sufficient, I think I only paid maybe $10/tube and another $10-15 for the hood and ballast. The plan originally was to grow tomato seedlings for my outdoor garden, then I got involved with this indoor grow...

    Any suggestions for what I should use instead? I don't expect to do a ton of cloning in the immediate future, so I'm not looking to go all out just yet...
  4. well maybe couple of cfl could do the job so. or like a 200-250 watt kit they sold on amazon like.
    maybe with some cfl you could be alight but you still need some socket and some elcetric wiring to make to connect all them toghether etc, its not hard .
    and you still can keep the s5 for the clones and just add cfl to help to the mother

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